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Rocket Launch Reset For Today

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- SpaceX hopes the third time will be the charm when it comes to launching a rocket. Yesterday's planned launch of a Falcon 9 rocket, which was originally set for Tuesday, was scrapped again and it was reset for today at 4:18 p.m. SpaceX is trying to launch about 60 Starlink satellites into orbit in an effort to bring broadband internet around the world. Launch conditions today are 70-percent Go.   

DeSantis Announces Growth Of School Voucher Program

(Tampa, FL) -- Thousands more students will be able to use school vouchers across Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis announced he has signed a bill to expand the Family Empowerment Scholarship Program. The 200-million-dollar expansion will allow almost 30-thousand more students to attend private schools through vouchers. DeSantis says the program allows parents, especially those with low incomes, to put their child in the best learning environment. 

Polk County Sheriff Announces 'Duty To Intervene'

(Bartow, FL) -- A policy in Polk County is designed to prevent incidents like George Floyd's death. Sheriff Grady Judd says deputies have what he calls a Duty to Intervene. The responsibility was added to the Protective Action policy two weeks ago, and it requires deputies to stop any incident of excessive force. Judd recently told The Ledger it's not a new requirement, but now that it's in writing, there should be no misunderstanding. 

Clay County Sheriff Asking Public For Feedback

(Green Cove Springs, FL) -- Clay County residents are being given a chance to change how law enforcement operates. The sheriff's office hosted a public forum yesterday to hear from residents on how deputies can better serve the community. Sheriff Darryl Daniels says he organized the forum because while he sees a lot of people protesting for reform, he's not seeing solutions.   

Protesters Discuss Defunding St. Pete Police

(St. Petersburg, FL) -- Protesters are looking at ways to defund the police in St. Petersburg. For the 27th straight day yesterday, protesters marched through downtown to call for change, but they also sat and discussed what kind of changes they want to see. One area of focus is the St. Pete police budget of 115-million dollars. One protester tells the Tampa Bay Times there's no reason for them to have all that, and he'd like to see some of it used for social programs. 

HillsCo Business Owner Wants Mask Policy Revisited

(Tampa, FL) -- At least one business owner sees problems ahead with Hillsborough County's mask policy. The county this week ordered businesses to require customers to wear masks, and the businesses could face penalties if customers don't comply. The owner of a Tampa bowling alley doesn't want to make his employees act as law enforcement, and he thinks doing so could lead to tense confrontations with customers. He recently told 10News he's worried customers could go ballistic and become violent.  

Miami Commission Approves Fines For Not Wearing Masks In Public

(Miami, FL) -- Not wearing a mask in public could cost you in Miami. The city commission voted yesterday to impose fines for those who don't wear a face covering when out and about, effective immediately. After a warning for a first offense, fines would range from 50 dollars to 500 dollars, but there are exceptions that can be found at MiamiGov.com. 

Jacksonville Changing Fireworks For July Fourth

(Jacksonville, FL) -- The Fourth of July will be celebrated a bit differently in Jacksonville this year. The city announced yesterday there will be six different locations for the fireworks show. That will make it easy for everyone to view a fireworks show without massing in one location.

Senate Panel Wants Pentagon To Release UFO Report

(Undated) -- The Senate Intelligence Committee wants the Pentagon to release a public report on UFOs. The committee issued the demand after The New York Times reported the Office of Naval Intelligence continues tracking unidentified flying objects in a systematic way. In the past, federal officials have said a program like that existed but it ended in 2012. The Intelligence Committee has directed the Director of National Intelligence and other agency chiefs to submit a detailed report on the investigation within 180 days.


2016, The Cincinnati Reds retired all-time hit king Pete Rose's number and inducted him into the team's Hall of Fame. The Reds had to get special permission from MLB for the ceremonies due to Rose's lifetime ban from the sport for gambling.

1996, the Supreme Court ordered the Virginia Military Academy to admit women or lose state support.

1819, the bicycle was patented by W-K Clarkson Junior.

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