Just What is America Becoming?

Our discussion today is like that huge family photo where not everyone will cooperate.Oh, you have everyone in there, but they aren’t playing well together.We’ll see California, Minnesota and Wisconsin as examples.Florida won’t escape scrutiny either.We are becoming the land of Secret Police and Mask Mandates.

The founder of BET says blacks are laughing as they watch white protesters deface and destroy statues.And just who’s prejudiced in Oregon?Their mask rules make no sense at all as perception is the deciding factor, not safety.

As long as we’re changing names of things maybe it’s time the country becomes The Divided States of America?From the looks of things, it could already be just that.


CA wants to rule the world…or at least the USA

In a Handbasket:

·Report your hangout to the Secret Police


Sabatini/Leon Republicans sue county

Minneapolis- getting what you ask for

And it spreads- what are we becoming?

BET founder: laughing at white protesters

Who’s the racist in Oregon?

Brevard’s gun violence task force

Lober just can’t shut up and govern

US Supremes- proclivities over the constitution?

Today’s launch set for 4:18pm

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