The INSIDER COLUMN: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Apparently we can’t!The division in our country seems as deep as I can recall in my 61 years.It’s disappointing and, yes, it feels as if the foundation of our country is being tested.

We grew up in an America where pride in the country was common and prosperity was everyone’s goal.We believed we could achieve it through hard work and determination.Sure, there were other factors like education and relationships, but we all believed some measure of success was possible and we were responsible for our own achievements.

Somewhere along the line that changed.There is a generation- or several perhaps- where achievement is not about you, your family and then the community, but rather about social agendas for certain groups of people who have a victimhood mentality and a reason they are owned something by the rest of us.

Race, gender, sexuality and even masks or not masks are a few of any number of reasons to divide.We are ready to fight at the drop of a hat as if every issue is THE hot burner for the day, any day and any time. How do we stop that?

Maybe we consider that personal responsibility angle and remember that nobody owes us anything.Maybe we consider the golden rule and treat everyone the way we would like to be treated.Maybe we learn, again, to live and let live recognizing that if someone else is living in a manner we would not choose, that the choice and ramifications are on them and not us.Maybe we try just being kind to anyone who will give us that chance and we’ll see that returned to us.

And maybe, just maybe, we find that if we can do those things and temper our expectations of others, we won’t feel victimized at all, but liberated to be the people and the nation we were intended to be.

And above all we should remember to look in the mirror before we gander at everyone else’s failings and start pointing fingers.

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