Racism in FL & Oregon, CHOP wants out in Seattle

Seattle’s anarchists have urged their occupiers to give up their quest.It’s not happening just yet, but actual residents and businesses in the CHOP (the area formerly known as CHAZ- it needs a symbol, like a dumpster fire) are suing the city for being complicit in the occupation.

IN A HANDBASKET we have ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel and a defender of his alleged “blackface” moments.Get this, the defender is right!

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace has come around.I was hoping for that in yesterday’s MICKnugget and somebody was listening.Bubba has backed off his insistence that the garage rope was a noose and that’s a step in the right direction.

We still have other racism issues in play as one Sarasota man faced an actual noose at work.We’ll see his side of the story in hour 2.In Oregon masks are the rule of the day with a big racist exception.

Florida Today’s Dave Berman covers county government and we’ll get into Brevard issues with Dave in our third hour this morning.


Seattle anarchists urge giving up

CHOP residents, businesses sue Seattle

In a Handbasket:

·Kimmel defense is correct


Bubba comes around…good to see

Sarasota incident drives the issue home, though

Who’s the racist in Oregon?

Launch scheduled for 4:39 this evening

Brevard’s gun violence task force

Dave Berman: Port Vice Chair calls for aggressive cuts

Lober just can’t shut up and govern

US Supremes- proclivities over the constitution?

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