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Brevard County Sheriff Announces New Gun Violence Task Force

(Viera, FL) -- There's a new initiative to fight gun violence in Brevard County. Sheriff Wayne Ivey announced yesterday that a task force has been formed with police from Titusville, Melbourne, West Melbourne, Cocoa and Rockledge. There have been four deadly shootings in the area in recent weeks. Ivey blames the shootings on gang activity, drugs and gambling. 

Seminole County Official Resigns After Federal Indictment

(Kissimmee, FL) -- A Seminole County official is facing federal charges. Tax Collector Joel Greenberg resigned yesterday after he was charged this week with stalking and identity theft. The alleged victim is Trinity Prep School teacher Brian Beute who's running against Greenberg in August's Republican primary. Greenberg allegedly made up accusations that Beute sexually assaulted a student.

Florida Approves UCF's Plan To Reopen Campus In The Fall

(Orlando, FL) -- The Florida Board of Governors is approving the University of Central Florida's plan to return to campus. The outline has students coming back to campus in a limited capacity and then switching over to virtual classes after the Thanksgiving break. The plan includes a mix of face-to-face and online courses. Face coverings will be required in university buildings and classrooms will be limited to 30 percent.  

Bank Employee Kidnapped In Robbery Attempt

(Lake City, FL) -- Bank employees are safe after a scary incident in Columbia County. Lake City Police say Demarcus Daniels held an Ameris Bank employee at gunpoint yesterday morning, took some money, and kidnapped another employee in his escape attempt. When that employee didn't have her car keys, though, Daniels let her go and ran off to hide. The 24-year-old was found with a gun behind a dumpster nearby, and police used a stun gun to take him into custody.

Protesters Plan Rally At GOP Convention

(Jacksonville, FL) -- Plans are underway to let President Trump know he's not welcome in Jacksonville. The Coalition to March on the RNC applied last week for a permit to protest Trump and the Republican National Convention. The rally's organizer is hoping for a historic turnout, and he tells News4Jax he believes it'll be one of the biggest marches in city history. The convention will start August 24th at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena. 

Largo Man Stole A One-Million-Dollar Yacht And Abandoned It

(Largo, FL) -- A Florida man is being charged with grand theft after stealing a yacht valued at one-million-dollars. Donnovan Russell Jester was recently arrested for stealing a boat back in March. According to the arrest, he tried to escape on the boat but got stuck at the channel and then abandoned it. Deputies found a thumb print which placed Jester on the yacht.

Library Warns Not To Microwave Books To Disinfect

(Kent County, MI) -- A Michigan library system is warning its patrons to stop microwaving books. Kent County District Library officials say people are putting books in the microwave to try to kill any possible coronavirus contamination. Library books have metal in their identification tags and that could start a fire in the microwave. Libraries around the country have been asked to adhere to CDC guidelines that call for all books to be quarantined for 72 hours so there should be no more need to disinfect. It's a good idea, officials say, to check with your library on their procedures before checking out your books.

A.I. Robot Starring In Big Budget Film

(Undated) -- An A.I robot will be the lead actor in a new big budget sci-fi movie. Financial backers have announced “b”, a 70-million-dollar film starring a robot named Erica. “b” follows a scientist who learns how the program he created to perfect human DNA is dangerous and helps an A.I. woman he designed to escape. Erica, who was created by Japanese scientists, is being taught to act through use of method acting. The company behind movies like “To The Bone” and “Loving Vincent” say this will be the first film starring an artificially intelligent actor. Some of the film was shot in Japan last year and production is set to resume in Europe in June 2021. 


2019, San Francisco became the first large U.S. city to banned e-cigarettes.

2000, U.S. and British researchers announced that they had completed a rough draft of a map of the genetic makeup of human beings.

1981, the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of a male-only draft.

1973, White House Counsel John Dean admitted that U.S. President Nixon took part in the Watergate cover-up.

1876, Civil War hero George Custer made his "Last Stand" at Little Big Horn River in Montana. The general led his 225 troops into what he thought would be a quick battle. Instead over 3000 Sioux and Cheyenne Indians annihilated them in less than two hours.

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