Retaking Seattle?

While the perpetually whining crowd had now focused on MLB’s Texas Rangers for a name change (I guess cops are out of vogue at the moment), Seattle has decided to retake the CHAZ, or CHOP or whatever the name of their failed experiment in communism is today.

The PC silliness continues with newspapers across the country deciding mug shots, you know those pictures of people arrested for crime, somehow perpetuate negative stereotypes.Yes, by all means scrub the news of anything that portrays facts as opposed to an agenda.

Bill Maher, not opposed to calling out folks on his side, sees the idiocy of the “defund the police” movement while Minneapolis is beginning to see the results of that bad idea.

California Governor Gavin Newsome has issued a statewide mask order.The problem is he’s running into local officials who are refusing to enforce it.The Florida Keys have a similar order.The keys may as well close for business.

We’ll see just how much of this we can cover on this Tuesday edition of BML.


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