Picking Up Where We Left Off

First, thanks to Joe Pags and Compass Media for allowing me to get away for a week and have Joe’s show cover our mornings.It was a good vacation with lots of time for family, friends, food and reading…lots of reading.The airport and the plane were interesting and the trip was amazing.

It does, however, look as if we are picking up right where we were.Idiots are trying to defund the cops.Even worse, those with no knowledge of the job and what it takes are dictating what cops may do when in a fight for their very lives.

We’re erasing, it seems, all vestiges of the Civil War era of our country.Is that smart?Do we really want to do away with what the Civil War brought us?And, as far as that goes, those going after statues have no clue of history or just what the people memorialized actually did.The Supreme Court seems to have ignored the First Amendment when it issued its ruling on LGBT protections.

This seems to be a time of transition in the United States and the transition does not seem to be a smart one.Joe Biden has a transition team in place already (as if he’s winning the White House) and he’s evoking FDR in the process.


It was a relaxing, but busy week

In a Handbasket:

·Country Goes Plumb Stupid

·Uncle Ben, Mrs. Butterworth and Aunt Jemima, too

In Play Today:


Seattle learns definition of autonomous zone

They learn it twice

Protesters/Rioters: no concept of history- no defined goal

Like we said- no concept of history

The Keys are closed, or may as well be

US Supremes- proclivities over the constitution?

Cops- time to leave the job?

Mug Shots a problem for newspapers

Maher sees how stupid the left is

Biden has a transition team- invokes FDR

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