Is Everyone Reacting to the Issue of the Day?

Our first hour could all be IN A HANDBASKET today. We have a school exceeding its authority because of the politics of education.We’ll also look at attempts to murder National Guard troops deployed to help maintain calm in a riot zone.

Florida will be going back to school, but in Brevard it won’t be without the board being dragged into the politics of the day.Speaking of- potential Democratic vice presidential candidate Val Demings is not bright, but she is consistent in her inconsistency.

The president has told Washington State to get its stuff together regarding that Seattle zone taken over by activists.Those morons have demands and they are out of this world.Has anyone notices these little commies are protesting in one of our most liberal states in the union?

We’ll see where those stories take us today and more if we have time.

I’ll be on vacation next week and The Joe Pags Show will be here mornings in my stead.


Schools: exceeding authority over political agenda

In a Handbasket:

·This is attempted murder!

In Play Today:


Operating in fear

FL back to school

BPS Board talking NAACP resolutions re: bias

Your potential VP candidate is an idiot

President tells Washington State to get it together

The clowns have demands

Sheriff suspends FOP president, investigation ongoing

Protesting more important than spreading THE RONA

But kids playing in a park…

Governments will wonder why businesses leave

Tom Lee: wishy-washy decisions mean it’s good he’s leaving the senate

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