The INSIDER COLUMN: It’s Political Season

Candidate qualifying for the 2020 election closes at noon on Friday. We are already seeing the gamesmanship in play and we don’t have all the players set just yet.

Given how 2020 has gone so far, we have to wonder just how nuts the campaign season will be. We’ll have primaries in some very interesting races and others will go to November.

The last few campaign seasons have been nasty. Is it possible that all we’ve been through will cause candidates to settle back into actual discussion of issues and qualifications? I’d like to hope so, but I won't hold my breath.

No matter how it goes, just how these candidates and their campaigns act will tell us a lot about them and their attitudes toward we the people. Will they respect us and talk those issues, or will it be personalities and attacks?

Either way, we have lots to learn if we’ll do our jobs and pay attention. Like a good Jeopardy question, the answer will make itself evident if we can do that. It will be interesting to watch. And with the issues we face currently, it’s important to have the right officials in place to properly address how our governments respond.

Here’s to hoping we can make the right calls.

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