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West Melbourne Police Officer Receives Death Threats

(West Melbourne, FL) -- A police officer in Brevard County is dealing with threats over what one official calls a misleading video. Florida Today reports that West Melbourne's city attorney revealed the officer who arrested Gregory Edwards in 2018 has received death threats since the video of the arrest was released online last week. The video shows the arrest and Edwards, who's black, being taken off life support, but the city attorney says the arrest was not the direct cause of Edwards' death. Edwards died after an incident at the county jail, but video of what happened there has not been released. 

TPD Officers Investigated For Using Force On Protesters

(Tampa, FL) -- Two Tampa Police officers are being investigated for what's described as disturbing conduct. Seven black elected officials in Hillsborough County accuse the officers of unprovoked use of force against protesters. In a joint statement, the officials cite at least three incidents, including one where rubber bullets and tear gas were used to disperse peaceful protesters.

Columbus, Ponce De Leon Statues Vandalized In Miami

(Miami, FL) -- Graffiti marks two statues after protests in downtown Miami. The statues of Christopher Columbus in Bayfront Park and Ponce de Leon were defaced yesterday with spray painted images, including a hammer and sickle. One protester tells the Miami Herald red paint was sprayed onto Columbus' hands to depict the blood of indigenous people Columbus has on his hands. Seven people were arrested after police say the crowd turned violent, but some protesters blame police for using unnecessary force. 

SeaWorld Reopens Today

(Orlando, FL) -- Another Orlando theme park reopens today. SeaWorld Orlando will open its doors for the first time in over two months but only at 30-percent capacity. Reservations, temperature checks and masks are required. Universal Orlando has already reopened, and Disney World is set to open next month. 

Saturn's Largest Moon Is Running Away

(Washington, DC) -- Saturn's largest moon, Titan, appears to be running away. Astronomers announced the moon is distancing itself from Saturn at the rate of four inches a year. Moons naturally drift away from their orbiting planet but Titan's rapid rate of movement suggests Saturn's system of rings and more-than 80 moons developed relatively quickly. Scientists are now trying to use the new discovery to re-estimate the age of Saturn.

Alabama Man Accused Of Throwing His Own Feces At Police

(Mobile, AL) -- A domestic violence suspect in Mobile, Alabama is accused of throwing his own feces at police officers. Authorities say Kendal Benjamin was arrested Tuesday night. While being taken to jail, he allegedly defecated and threw the waste at the police. He's now being charged with domestic violence and criminal assault with body fluids.


2002, "American Idol" premiered on Fox.

2001, Timothy McVeigh was executed by lethal injection for the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The blast killed 168 people and injured hundreds of others.

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