WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Undoing the Civil War

Unrest continues across the country.We’ll begin our day in Seattle where it appeared the police department was abandoning a police station.While that’s not quite accurate, the department did give way to the wishes of the protesters.

After the Civil War the idea was to reunify the country into one nation.Part of that was to recognize Confederate soldiers as American military personnel (many of their leaders had graduated from West Point).Now there are those in that same military who are playing the PC game and wanting names for Confederate military members removed from American bases.Are we undoing the Civil War?If we are again picking regions of the country to claim, where would you choose?On a related note, HBO MAX is dumping Gone With the Wind as they retool it to include a discussion of how bad it was to portray the South as it was and for Hollywood to use those terms that are so debasing.Gone With the Wind is gone and IN A HANDBASKET.

It does seem that governmental leaders are consistently inconsistent in just what’s what when it comes to the coronavirus.Church is dangerous, but masses in the streets are OK as long as they are protesting injustice and not government lockdowns.The pandering for political purposes is blatant.When you run kids out of a park and allow and even participate in a politically approved protest, you are part of the problem.

All that said, it is a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY and you can take us to any subject you like when you call the show.If it’s on your mind, it’s on Bill Mick LIVE.


Ceding another police station?

In a Handbasket:

·We united the country, and now we aren’t

·Gone With the Wind…gone!

In Play Today:


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