Are You Ready to Fight Crime Yourself?

How many of us are ready should law enforcement as we know it no longer exist?I mean besides us diehard Royce Bartlett fans!Are we actually in a position to take on crime all on our own?Of course we’re not.Yet the left, in far too many locations around the country, is calling for just that.We talked about cities moving to take funds away from police departments last week on the show.That movement is growing.In Minneapolis the council says they have a veto-proof majority to disband their department.

The focus they say is a more social service oriented agency, but nobody is defining what that means.Calls for service can be overwhelming, but that‘s not the service they seek.Who will deal with the petty crime?Who will deal with the serious life-threatening crime?It’s clear the officials calling for these changes don’t understand it, but they can sure play to emotion.

Over the weekend Brevard saw several protests with little to no reports of violence.That speaks well of our community.That’s not to say there was no impact.

In Minnesota the Supreme Court handed what should be a final victory to that barber who opened despite punitive action from the state.

Many of us grew up on The Bugs Bunny-Roadrunner Hour on Saturday mornings.It was great animation, characters we loved and many laughs along the way.The Warner Brothers cartoons are making a comeback and Looney Tunes are now going seriously loony.We’ll talk it IN A HANDBASKET this morning.


Several protests around Brevard

MN Supremes hand barber a win

In a Handbasket:

·Loony “Looney Tunes

In Play Today:


Ilhan Omar wants Minneapolis PD gone

Minneapolis Council says disbanding cops is veto proof

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Protesting more important than spreading THE RONA

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