Want to Upend America? Shut Down the Cops

We’ll begin our Friday with a deadly serious issue.Some lawmakers are suggesting doing away with police departments.If you want to lose the country, it’d be a good first step.Lawlessness and the inability to deal with it would bring on anarchy.The people would be crying for government intervention and would accept almost anything to stop the madness.And the Constitution of the United States would suddenly be an interesting, but ineffective piece of paper- a part of what America used to be.

The Florida Supreme Court has canned the proposed amendment that would ban assault weapons saying that the ballot language was deceptive.That’s something Royce Bartlett’s been telling us for months.The Second and First amendments clash in the Florida House as Representative Anthony Sabatini, a friend of the show and guest at the January gun right forum, is under fire for tweeting that looters should be aware of gun ownership in Lake County.

Also under fire, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.After stating he could never agree with kneeling during the national anthem, Brees issued the obligatory apology for causing hurt for having an opinion.He’s getting backing from one very wise NFL analyst who played and coached in the league.

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Stop the cops- bad move

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·Stop the cops- worse move

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