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Deputy Smashes Car Window During Protest

(Orlando, FL) -- The Orange County sheriff is looking into an incident he calls very troubling. Video from a George Floyd protest Wednesday shows a deputy breaking a woman's car window with his baton. Sheriff John Mina says during a traffic stop, the driver refused to get out of the car, and when the deputy reached through the open window to open the door from the inside, she rolled up the window on the deputy's arm. The deputy then smashed the window and arrested the woman, but Mina says the deputy should have de-escalated the situation. 

Veteran's Widow To Speak At Rally

(Rockledge, FL) -- A Brevard County widow is seeking justice for her late husband. Kathleen Edwards' husband died while in sheriff's office custody over a year ago, and she's seeking an independent investigation. Kathleen will speak at a March for Justice rally tomorrow in Rockledge that was set up in response to the death of George Floyd, who, like Edwards' husband, was black. Kathleen recently told Florida Today this isn't about race but holding those in law enforcement to a higher standard.

Miami-Dade To Reopen Gyms

(Miami, FL) -- Miami-Dade County is taking more steps to get back to normal. Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced yesterday that gyms will reopen on Monday, along with other wellness facilities and summer camps. Capacity will be limited, though, to 50-percent and masks will be required for certain activities. Beaches are still closed, though, and the county's overnight curfew remains in place. 

Miami Hospital Studying New COVID-19 Treatment

(Miami, FL) -- Those most severely affected by the coronavirus may benefit from a new treatment option at UM Hospital. Patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and on ventilators are being given RLF-100. If successful, the IV treatment will allow patients to breathe on their own and get off the ventilator. UM Hospital is the only one in the country trying this treatment, and one doctor tells CBS4 News it's too soon to draw any conclusions. 

Asteroid the Size of Empire State Building to Pass By Earth Over the Weekend

(Washington, DC) -- An asteroid that is potentially as large as the Empire State Building is expected to fly past Earth over the weekend. Asteroid 2002 NN4, as NASA has labeled it, could be up to 18-hundred feet in diameter when it passes by Earth on Saturday. New York City's iconic Empire State Building is more than 14-hundred feet tall at its tip. Officials say the asteroid will pass Earth at a safe distance, despite its daunting size. Although in 2019 scientists from around the world gathered at a conference and discussed how to respond to an asteroid big enough to destroy a major city.

Man Finds Expensive Ring On Beach

(Madeira Beach, FL) -- A treasure hunter here in Florida is working to find the owner of a pricey ring he found on the beach. Derek Smith used his metal detector to find the diamond ring in the sand in Madeira Beach. He described the ring as having a large diamond and guesses it's worth around ten-grand. A woman's name is engraved inside the band and he's hoping to return it to her.

West Virginia Woman Faked Death To Avoid Prison

(Beaver, WV) -- One West Virginia woman is awaiting sentencing for federal healthcare fraud, which she tried to escape by faking her own death. Police in Beaver say there was a massive three-day search after Julie Wheeler's husband and teenage son reported that she fell over main overlook at the New River Gorge National River. As part of the search, officers got warrants to retrieve her phones and computers. That is when Wheeler was found hiding inside of a closet in her home. Both Wheeler and her husband were then taken in on multiple charges including conspiracy and giving false information to police. It's unclear if the son will face criminal charges. Wheeler faced up to 10 years in prison for her original crime of scamming more than 300-thousand dollars from the Veterans Administration.


2013, the British newspaper "The Guardian" reported that the National Security Agency had been collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers under a secret court order. Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden later revealed himself as the whistleblower who furnished "The Guardian" with the information.

2007, former White House aide Lewis "Scooter" Libby was sentenced to 30 months in prison and fined 250-thousand-dollars. Libby was convicted in March on four felony counts of giving false statements to FBI agents and grand jurors looking into how the name of CIA operative Valerie Plame was leaked to the press.

1968, Senator Robert F. Kennedy was shot by an assassin while campaigning for the Democratic U.S. presidential nomination in California. He died the next day. Gunman Sirhan Sirhan was arrested for the attack.

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