You Are Now Free to Move Around Florida

We open today’s show with federal authorities looking into something many of you mentioned yesterday- the idea that the violence in the riots across the country is being orchestrated.

IN A HANDBASKET will take us to the land of toys where companies don’t mind exploiting the imagination of kids.Apparently they also don’t mind playing politics with them, either.

Florida is set to enter Phase 2 of our reopening tomorrow.Movies, bowling and more are in play as your freedoms are meted out to you.The state’s teachers union has changes they want made before returning for the fall term.

It’s two down and one to go as Rose Harr’s BlueWare conviction was upheld.

The sheriff and Florida Today are again waging a battle of he said, they say.

Representative Anthony Sabatini is getting grief from House Democrats for issuing an honest warning to potential looters in Lake County.The outspoken conservative is standing his ground and, so far, has the backing of House leadership.

Florida Today’s Isadora Rangel is scheduled with us in our 8am hour this morning as we catch up on Brevard.


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