WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: War in the Streets

In parts of America it’s war in the streets.What could have been legitimate protests have been usurped and infiltrated by people intent on insurrection, looting and death.Yes, death.Law abiding citizens are standing guard over private property that looters and thugs are determined to destroy and steal what they can.They don’t care who is in their way.

This is not about the death of a black man at the hands of a white cop.It’s about enacting violence at nearly every turn and making more victims in communities where folks should be lifting up those with the courage to try.

It can be tough o tell the good guys from the bad guys. LAPD had a problem with that.New York’s mayor thinks cops are in place to be the first victims. In St. Louis a retired cop died when he stopped to check on a business and got in the way of a thug.In Philadelphia a store owner engaged in a gun battle with looters and people are taking to the streets to stand for each other.

It’s an ugly picture of America and it needs to be brought under control.

It’s time to ask the experts the tough questions about our response to the coronavirus. But, can we trust any answers?We continue to get contradictory information about transmission and protection.

In a local political corruption story Rose Harr’s conviction has been upheld in the BlueWare scandal.Now, let’s get back to the Needelman retrial.The first convict in is already out and back among us.

Lastly, but first, it’s Wide Open Wednesday.You may take us any direction you like, any topic you fancy on today’s show.So the real question is: what’s on your mind?


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