The BML INSIDER Column: What Can Possibly Be Next?

2020 has been nothing if not unique.We started with an exciting Super Bowl and NCAA National Championship game in a booming economy.Here, nearing the halfway point of the year, we have faced a declared (if not actual) worldwide pandemic, toilet paper, cleaning products, personal protective equipment and even some food shortages. We’ve been warned of being near each other, being away from each other, wearing and not wearing masks and the dangers of simply going to work.

We can go to Walmart, grocery stores and Lowes, but can’t go to church or a ball game.We trashed that booming economy by shutting down life as we knew it. We’ve watched our friends or family be furloughed, have reduced hours or even lose jobs.

We have been warned of Murder Hornets, virus thieving monkeys and even invasive lizards that will eat your pets or even you in Central Florida.

We have seen soft reopening of our economy in most regions.While we tried that reopen, an incident in Minneapolis where a black man died at the hands of while police officer has brought riots to many cities in America.It would seem the angst that brought protests was exacerbated by the long feeling of being locked down by The Rona. Criminals took advantage, as criminals are prone to do, and began committing looting and worse.

We saw police stations evacuated and burned to the ground.We have seen innocents killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time or simply trying to protect their businesses. In some places the cops can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys.It does not speak well of our country and its people.We need to turn it around.

And if we don’t turn it around, I can see those virus stealing monkeys turning us into the Planet of the Apes or huge space ships positioned over the cities of the world telling us the probing will resume post haste.

Wait, the probing as already started as people going back to work are facing temperature checks and mask wearing to be able to make a living.

Here’s to a better second half of the year.Otherwise, I’m not sure how we’d handle what could be next!

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