Don’t You Dare Say KENT STATE!

It takes a riot to cure THE RONA. Apparently that’s what happened as suddenly social distancing, masks and spreading the coronavirus have taken a back seat to the weekend and continuing events across the country.And as far as those events go, I do not want to hear the words KENT STATE come from anyone when authorities shoot back at rioters and someone dies.SHOOTING BACK is perfectly allowable!There is a development in that Louisville shooting.The police chief has been relieved of duty because his officers did not have body cams activated at the time of the incident.

IN A HANDBASKET gives us a glimpse at what much of the rioting is all about.

Is there a reason for the continued riots?My answer is no.If this is all about justice, justice is being served.Justice has always had slow turning wheels, but one cop is charged, charges are likely for the others and all were nearly immediately fired.What else serves justice in this circumstance?

And I don’t buy that rioters are protesters who just got carried away.In fact, we see what one group of protesters did when a rioter got busy in the middle of their protest.

The president took a nice little walk last night.The press was in a frenzy just trying to keep up.

Here’s a touch of Florida politics.Senator Tom Lee, an 18 year senator, has decided the senate is not the right fit for him any longer.I’d bet dollars to donuts that he said exactly the opposite in his campaign for the term that is half concluded.He’s running for Clerk of Courts and the MUCH larger paycheck and boost to the state pension.


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In a Handbasket:

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In Play Today:

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Tom Lee, 18 year senator, leaves to run for a better fit (paycheck)

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