The Language of the Unheard

The weekend was glorious and America again is the leader in space thinks to Elon Musk’s SpaceX and NASA successfully launching American s in to space from our back yard.I was celebrating for another reason as Saturday morning started.Those traffic stanchions on A1A –the ones in those flashy light crosswalks- well I saw several of them on my way to my every Saturday not-so-socially- distanced gathering.6 of 8 of them had at least 2 stanchions missing.For many of them it was3!Is somebody learning a lesson, or are they inconvenient for bicycles?

Then, in yet another amazing feat of engineering and persistence, the launch of the Crew Dragon capsule was accomplished at 3:22pm.

IN A HANDBASKET- The entire country is in one today.America is burning and there is no reason for it.I doubt we get much beyond that story as it is, sadly, the most important thing happening in pour country as we begin our week together.

Locally Melbourne Square mall was closed early yesterday due to threats made on social media of violent protests scheduled there.The governor deployed the National Guard to Tampa and South Florida to help control crowd in those regions.

We’ll talk about us, all of us, and the wheres and whys of this upheaval in America.


SpaceX/NASA have success with Crew Dragon

In a Handbasket:

·America is Burning

·Not as many outsiders as reported

·It’s all over the country

New Today:

Riots: the language of the unheard

Officer charged- why do the riots continue?

When personal politics are more important than your city

Melbourne Square closed due to threats

DeSantis activates National Guard

White House attacked

NYPD injuries and arrests

Palace of Piousness attacked (CNN)

Cop killing in Oakland


More convoluted suggestions on THE RONA

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