The reduced activity of the world's response to the coronavirus pandemic has been very limiting. Businesses, employees, families and friendships have all been affected.

As we discussed early on, adversity reveals character. How each of us has responded during these trying times is determined by who we are and how we have learned to adapt. Some have faced difficulty while others have managed to thrive.

Technology has made coping easier. It’s also made vast distances small. I’ve been fortunate that I have family and friends who are in touch regularly. Sometimes that contact is daily. Some of them are hundreds or thousands of miles away. It matters not.

These connections are ones that have already withstood the test of time. The test of distance is not much different. Technology has made distance nearly a non factor. Sure, you’d prefer to be face to face with those you hold dear. But having already managed the years, overcoming separation is easy. When’s the last time you worried about the cost of a long distance telephone call? When that was a concern the only video conferencing was on Dick Tracey’s wrist watch.

Now you can call, text, message, video call or have an online video meeting. I say that to say this. We all have someone in our lives who matters. To whom we matter.

Difficulties in tough times are easier when shared. People who matter still matter no matter where they are. Given the advantages we have with our communication options, is there really any excuse to not have that contact?

None of us travel this world alone. The shared experience makes us who we are. In the end it’s that relationship-those connections that make the difference in how we respond and even survive.

We are social creatures, built for those relationships and interaction. The good thing is that no pandemic can get in the way of that.

When’s the last time you talked with that old buddy from the service or high school friend? Can you think of a better time?

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