When Cities Burn…

It was exciting and disappointing as SpaceX and NASA tried to return man to space from our shores yesterday.Weather kept the event from happening, but the excitement was palpable.And we get to do it all over again Saturday afternoon with liftoff scheduled at 3:21pm EDT.Jim Banke and I will bring you the countdown and a recap of the mission beginning at 3:06pm.

IN A HANDBASKET we’ll try to turn one around and are seeing steps at doing just that.A PA school board has rejected a textbook because of political indoctrination.

I believe the president has overstepped on this one.He wants to take presidential action over TWITTER’s suppression of free speech.He plans to sign an executive order today.While it remains to be seen just what the president’s order would try to do, it seems an unwise idea on the surface.

A young man has died as a result of police action in Minneapolis.Now Minneapolis and Los Angeles are burning.There was no time for investigation, no chance for the justice system to work and the mobs became judge, jury and executioner.When cities burn, it’s not about the victim.

Florida has a look at April revenue numbers and the impact of the coronavirus is significant.Well, it’s not the virus so much as it was government’s reaction to it.

Florida Today’s Dave Berman join us us for our final hour today.Dave covers county government and we have plenty of recent developments to delve into.


Crew Dragon Scrubbed- try again Saturday

In a Handbasket:

·Turning one around…indoctrination

New Today:


Not the way to go, Mr. President

Burning Minneapolis

…and beating up a Trump supporter

Gives Los Angeles an excuse

State has picture of revenue impact of THE RONA

Commission wants county summer camps

Return to Manned Spaceflight:

Launch viewing?Here’s the traffic plan

SpaceX postpones Starlink- manned flight is next 5/27

Astronauts here, launch less than a week away

Meet the astronauts launching from here next week

To the moon!

Other things in play:

Brevard Emergency Management Director OUT

Florida Tech under federal investigation

Judge opens door to felons voting w/o completing sentence

Virgin Trains to close crossing for 2 years

President says no to closing the economy if a 2nd wave

The Hacker impact on elections

Gillum PAC dropping big bucks on legal fees since hotel binge

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