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SpaceX Launch Scrubbed

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- NASA will have to wait a few more days to make space history. Due to bad weather, yesterday's launch of two astronauts to the International Space Station from Cape Canaveral was scrubbed. The mission on SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule is NASA's first using a private spaceship.It’s also the first time in nine years astronauts were launched from U.S. soil. Launch is now set for Saturday, and weather conditions are 60-percent Go.Jim Banke and I will have coverage on WMMB beginning at 3:06pm.

Trump To Return For Saturday Launch

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- President Trump says he won't miss what he calls a very exciting day for the country. Trump flew into Kennedy Space Center yesterday to view the launch. President Trump Tweeted he looks forward to being back Saturday for the second attempt. He also Tweeted his thanks to NASA and SpaceX for their hard work and leadership. 

Tampa Man Accused Of Helping ISIS

(Tampa, FL) -- The FBI is credited with preventing a terrorist attack in Pinellas County. The US Justice Department announced yesterday that Tampa's Muhammed Momtaz-Al-Azhari was arrested Sunday for trying to help ISIS. The 23-year-old was allegedly plotting a mass shooting on Honeymoon Island, and the DOJ says he was inspired by the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando four years ago. If convicted, Al-Azhari could get 20 years in federal prison. 

Miami Restaurants Allowed To Reopen

(Miami, FL) -- Miami is a step closer to fully reopening. Restaurants were allowed to reopen yesterday in Miami, Miami Beach and Hialeah, but they're limited to 50-percent capacity. Employees got their temperatures checked, social distancing guidelines were enforced, and a Miami Beach restaurant owner called it an exciting day. 

Jacksonville To Reopen City Pools

(Jacksonville, FL) -- Jacksonville is taking further steps to reopen. Mayor Lenny Curry announced yesterday that five city pools will reopen June 8th and other pools will reopen in the weeks that follow. Curry also announced full-day and half-day summer camps will begin June 15th. Brevard’s county commission would like to open summer camps here in spite of staff urging them otherwise.

Beach Rescue Hero Comes Forward

(St. Augustine Beach, FL) -- A woman's search for the man who helped save her life in St. Johns County is at a successful end. Atlanta's Rod Boothe came forward this week as the man who pulled an unresponsive woman from the water of St. Augustine Beach last weekend. Boothe says he went into the water to get his nine-year-old son, who was struggling in the rough surf, and that's when he heard a cry for help. Boothe tells First Coast News he had been losing sleep wondering what happened to the woman, and he didn't find out she survived until he saw a news story that she was alive and looking to thank him.

Miami Dolphins Turning Their Stadium Into A Drive-In Theater

(Miami, FL) -- Fan will be watching movies instead of football at Florida Hard Rock Stadium. The Miami Dolphins say they are turning the stadium into a giant drive-in movie theater that can fit 230 cars. The team says they will host movie screenings, concerts, replays of big games and celebrate the graduating class of 2020. The stadium CEO said experiencing events and celebrations together are a part of a "fundamental human need" that will be done safely. Fans can order food and drinks online that will be delivered to their cars.

Woman Takes Off Underwear In Post Office To Use As Mask

(Ukraine) --  Stripping down to cover up. A woman in Ukraine was refused service at a post office because she didn't have a mask on. But she didn't leave to get one. Instead, she's caught on video dropping her pants and taking off her underwear. She then pulls her pants back up and puts the underwear on her head. The makeshift mask worked and she was given her package.

Man Arrested For Breaking Into Bank To Heat Up Hot Pockets

(San Diego, CA) -- Arrested over a Hot Pocket. A homeless man in California says it was worth it. He broke into a San Diego bank, but apparently not to rob the place. He claims he was just hungry and wanted to use the microwave in the break room. He managed to heat up and eat two Hot Pockets before police swarmed the outside.


1982, the "Orient Express" went back into service. The train transports people across the European continent.

1959, monkeys Able and Baker safely returned to earth following a trip into space. They became the first animals retrieved from a space mission.

1897, Jell-O was first introduced. 

1863, the first black regiment from the North, the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment, left Boston to fight in the Civil War. 

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