Brevard Places Leash on Policy Group

There’s nothing like having a sister who’s bored.My sister, her daughter and mother-in-law are in town.They had some nice beach days early in their trip.It wasn’t so nice yesterday.What’s a bored sister do?She decided to play extreme makeover- Bill’s room edition!I was banished from my room and she and her mother-in-law went to work.I was amazed at the results.Thanks, Stacy, Cathy and Megan!It looks amazing!

While we took yesterday to honor our fallen who gave the ultimate for our country, we’re seeing a lot of news from the holiday weekend.The Navy has a new weapon that appears straight out of science fiction.The way some people are acting with each other makes us wonder just what did those brave souls fight to preserve?

On the upside, the county commission has moved to reduce the power of the Brevard Policy Group ad it’s long overdue.Who isn’t happy about it?The unelected city employees who believe they should be running things, that’s who!

Theme parks and youth activities are reopening in Florida.How are you with a mask for a theme park adventure?A federal judge has opened the floodgates for felon voters in the state, Virgin Trains will close a Melbourne crossing for two years and President Trump says should there be another wave of the coronavirus that the federal government won’t shut down the country.

MEME of the Day:

KENNY FROM SOUTH PARK: Proof that covering your face won’t save your life!


Navy has Star Trek weapons

HOA can’t be nice to grads, families

In a Handbasket:

·Who we are- the grocery lynching

·Taking it out on the wrong folks

New Today:


Good news for Brevard- policy group leash

Theme parks to reopen- here’s your mask

Restrictions on youth activities lifted

Judge opens door to felons voting w/o completing sentence

Virgin Trains to close crossing for 2 years

President says no to closing the economy if a 2nd wave

Other things in play:

Launch viewing?Here’s the traffic plan

Supremes stop Dems’ Mueller request…for now

Spanish ballot battle: new changes not enough

The Hacker impact on elections

Fired Health Data Tech- the other side of the story

SpaceX postpones Starlink- manned flight is next 5/27

Gillum PAC dropping big bucks on legal fees since hotel binge

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