Oppressing America & Reopening Schools

Florida is more open than many places and our government has done a decent job in tough circumstances.As I look at stories around the country we seem to be a bit of an anomaly.In far too many places we see what can be described as nothing less than oppression.

Team sports are returning to Brevard while Pennsylvania’s governor is mad at Ben Roethlisberger for getting a haircut.New Jersey seems to be one of the nation’s oppression leaders as that gym that’s been in the news all week is now closed and a store owner selling her wares on Facebook live has been shuttered as well.

What if we learned that reopening actually combats the coronavirus?We may be finding out.

Some states are favoring secular gatherings while doing their darndest to limit churches from worshiping together.Some crazy, fearful felon decided burning down a church was a good idea in Mississippi.In another church the pastor learned from Nancy Pelosi’s State of the Union stunt.He “Pelosied” a cease-and-desist letter demanding he shut down services.

As we look at the year ahead government will be faced with challenges.School districts are no exception and in our final hour today we’ll talk with board member Tina Descovich.Superintendent Mark Mullins has a column in Florida Today about those challenges and we’ll discuss them as we close our week.

MEME of the Day:

Your avatar does NOT look like you!


PA governor is haircut police!

Team sports return to Brevard

In a Handbasket:

·NJ gym shut down by state

·NJ- leading the oppression wave

New Today:


What, reopening reduces THE RONA?

State favors restaurants over churches

Church won’t close, burned down by idiots

Pastor “Pelosis” cease-and-desist letter

School board member resigns after threat to kill non-masked people

Brevard Superintendent looks to next school year

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