American Snapshots…who we are

I believe what I love so much about my job is that it provides a daily opportunity to take a snapshot of America.The stories we talk, the issues we see and how we handle them are interesting to me.How engaged we are or aren’t also says a lot.

We’ll begin today looking at just we are these days as we seem to be driven by fear or fortitude. I’ve also come to a conclusion about that Harvard professor who wants homeschooling gone.We’ll talk that IN A HANDBASKET.

Our RESEARCH & REALITY segment will also provide a snapshot of what the country is doing and thinking. Brevard is looking to vacation rental returns.

We are set to return to manned spaceflight from our shores in under a week.The astronauts have arrived in town and the Space Coast is excited.The sideshow is the battle between NASA’s desire for people to stay away from the launch and Sheriff Wayne Ivey’s invitation for folks to come to Brevard and watch American history being made.I fall on the sheriff’s side of the discussion and apparently in some regard NASA does as well.The KSC Visitor’s Complex plans on opening THE DAY AFTER the launch.Does that make any sense to you?Maybe THE RONA was a NASA construct and they are shutting it down the day after the launch!

Florida Today’s Tim Walters is with us in our 8am hour.We will talk the return to manned spaceflight, rebuilding America, a bit of sports and working from home.

MEME of the Day:(from Hannibal Lecter)

In these challenging times, if you decide to go cannibal, try the vegans!They’re grass fed!


Would you look at us (U.S.?)

In a Handbasket:

·Update: Harvard professor hates the family (any family)

New Today:


Brevard plans for vacation rental return

Don’t come to launch, but hit KSC the next day?

Supremes stop Dems’ Mueller request…for now

Spanish ballot battle: new changes not enough

Astronauts here, launch less than a week away

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