WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: You Say You Want a Revolution

Alright, with new listeners involved in our discussions all the time it’s a good time for a reminder.THIS is the day when anything you want to discuss is allowed on the show.Whatever the topic, no restrictions, it’s welcome on WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.Every other day you’re stuck with what’s on my mind.So, what’s today going to bring?It’s up to you when you call us at 321.768.1240.

My contributions today include: smart and dumb- the opposite ends of the spectrum.IN A HANDBASKET has us revisiting what a revolution in this country may just look like.

Early this morning I shared a Facebook video from Sheriff Wayne Ivey. A day earlier he had issued a video warning in front of a house that was home to criminal activity in Port St. John.This video was of a man arrested out of that house who had continued his behavior in spite of that warning. Volusia Sheriff Mike Chitwood is getting some national attention over that weekend party turned riot that his department had to handle.

We also have a family hating Harvard professor, a fired Florida Department of Health IT specialist who claims she was fired for refusing to manipulate data and continuing controversy over Spanish ballots in Florida.

But, as we said, today is in your hands…what’s it going to be?

MEME of the Day:

People driving alone & wearing a mask are the reason Pop Tarts come with instructions!


The melon head robbery

Other end of the spectrum- DeLaura teacher on JEOPARDY!

In a Handbasket:

·Follow up: NJ gym supporters and the police

New Today:


Volusia’s Chitwood gets some national attention

Update: Harvard professor hates the family (any family)

Fired Health Data Tech- the other side of the story

Spanish ballot battle: new changes not enough

Other things in play:

The Hacker impact on elections

Meet the astronauts launching from here next week

To the moon!

SpaceX postpones Starlink- manned flight is next 5/27

Gillum PAC dropping big bucks on legal fees since hotel binge

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