Today we go to church- if we can get in

We’ll go to church in hour one, that is if we can get in.It took a federal judge to make it happen in North Carolina.

We’ll go the other direction IN A HANDBASKET this morning.Strippers, no-not the paint remover, are back to work in Wyoming…wearing masks.Like THE RONA is the biggest disease worry in that environment!

Brevard’s government facilities are reopening.Some experts are saying the virus models that locked the world down are flawed, but Illinois is adding jail time to penalties for businesses that reopen.The country is beginning to push back on these oppressive measures.Is this what a modern revolution looks like?

In DC Lindsey Graham wants to subpoena former Obama administration officials and the House Dems are threatening impeachment…again.The focus is, and has been, the November election.A hacker group has claimed to have devastating information on the president and wants paid big time to not release it.

And what had been scheduled as an early morning launch today has now been postponed by SpaceX until after our return to manned spaceflight from our back yard on May 27th.

MEME of the Day:

It sounds like thunder outside, but this is 2020.It could be Godzilla!


Federal judge opens NC churches for now

Some Brevard churches opened to services yesterday

In a Handbasket:

·Is it THE RONA they have to worry about?

New Today:


Brevard government offices reopening

Experts: virus model “totally unreliable”

Illinois adds jail to reopen penalties

Is this the look of revolution?

Lindsey Graham wants to subpoena Obama officials

House Dems are stuck on impeachment…again

The Hacker impact on elections

The melon head robbery

SpaceX postpones Starlink- manned flight is next 5/27

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