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Brevard County Tattoo Artist Wants To Reopen

(Cocoa Beach, FL) -- With many businesses reopened, some Brevard County business owners wonder when their day will come. A tattoo parlor owner in Cocoa Beach says he and others in his profession are still waiting for the state to allow them to reopen. He has 13 employees, and he says they have just as many bills to pay as everyone else. A tattoo parlor owner in Melbourne tells Florida Today the governor needs to learn more about the industry and how safe and clean it is. 

Board Of Governors Hopes To Reopen College Campuses

(Tampa, FL) -- Students at USF could be heading back to campus this fall. The Florida Board of Governors announced yesterday they're working on guidelines allowing state colleges and universities to reopen. A final decision could come next month, and at least one USF student is excited about getting back on campus. He tells News Channel 8 interacting with other students and making connections is probably one of the best experiences a university can give you. 

Tampa Attorney Says Businesses Have The Right To Require Masks

(Tampa, FL) -- If a business requires masks to be worn, customers may have to comply. Tampa lawyer Jay Hebert says businesses that require customers to wear masks have the right to refuse service to anyone who doesn't wear one. He tells 10News it's no different than signs that say 'no shirt, no shoes, no service.' 

Rep. Yoho Responds To Report On Pensacola Base Shooting

(Washington, DC) -- A Florida congressman isn't surprised by a new FBI report into a deadly mass shooting. The FBI announced yesterday that the man who killed three people at Naval Air Station Pensacola last year had ties to al-Qaeda. Third District Congressman Ted Yoho says the report was not a revelation based on the evidence he saw. Yoho tells News4Jax he followed the investigation closely, and it was obvious the shooting was a terrorist attack.

UM Psychologist Says Going Back To The Office Could Be 'A Little Weird'

(Miami, FL) -- After spending so much time working from home, going back to an office could be a little weird. That's what University of Miami psychologist Dr. Steven Safren says. He says while working from home may have been awkward at first, people have gotten used to it and may have grown to prefer it. Plus, Dr. Safren says there are concerns about how safe the office environment will be, but he tells CBS 4 News just as people adjusted to working from home, they'll readjust to working from the office and will be fine. 

 Man On His Way To Job Interview Wins 200K

(Smithfield, NC) -- Job interviews will never be the same for this North Carolina man. Fredd Jordan picked up a scratch-off lottery ticket while on his way for a job interview. The ticket turned out to be a winner worth 200-thousand dollars. Jordan plans to invest his jackpot but is also thinking about visiting family in California. No word if Jordan landed the job.

Brevard Woman Arrested After Trying To Kiss Strangers At Bar

(Indialantic, FL) -- A local woman is under arrest for trespassing at a bar. Police say 32-year-old Audra Adams went to Monkey Bar and Grille in Indialantic and tried to kiss several of the customers. Adams also reportedly called 911 five times to complain that people were not social distancing. Officers eventually showed up after Adams left the bar but refused to leave the parking lot. She has also been charged with disorderly conduct, resisting an officer without violence and misuse of a 911 system.

West Virginia Man Blames Lucifer For Murdering His Neighbor

(Mercer County, WV) -- A West Virginia man is in jail after being charged with killing his neighbor on Sunday. Mercer County Police say that Richard Ellison gouged out Benny Foutch's eye during an attack on the 72-year-old man. Ellison told police he was upset over the noise made by his neighbor's rooster. Ellison reportedly claimed Lucifer told him to do it.

Study: American Adults More Happy Despite Pandemic

(Washington, DC) -- Adults in the U.S. are reporting more happiness during the coronavirus pandemic. A study by Gallup shows less than half of them say they were worried most of the previous day, which is a drop from almost 60-percent over a month ago. The latest data, recorded between April 27th and May 10th, shows that Americans have less worry as some states begin to open up and ease stay-home restrictions. About 72-percent of those surveyed reported general happiness.


1992, Mary Jo Buttafuoco was shot and wounded by Amy Fisher, who claimed to be having an affair with Buttafuoco's husband Joey. Fisher was dubbed the "Long Island Lolita."

1911, Caesar Cella became the first person convicted of a crime through the use of fingerprints.

1884, the Ringling Brothers opened their first circus.

1536, Anne Boleyn, the wife of England's King Henry the Eighth, was beheaded.

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