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Customers Line Up To Enter CityWalk For Reopening

(Orlando, FL) -- Signs of life slowly returning to normal are evident at Universal Orlando. CityWalk reopened yesterday, and about a hundred cars were lined up outside the parking garage half-an-hour before gates opened. Visitors wore masks and had their temperature checked before entering. Only a few restaurants and stores are open, but ThemeParkInsider.com reports some waited up to two hours for a table. 

Infected Disney Employees To Get Paid Time-Off 

(Orlando, FL) -- Disney is taking steps to help employees stay safe when they reopen. Set to reopen on Wednesday, the company says workers will be given three masks and a thermometer upon request. Barriers will be in place at cash registers and employees will be trained on how to follow and enforce social distancing guidelines. Meanwhile, representatives for Disney's largest union say those who get the coronavirus will receive paid time off while they're under quarantine. 

Brevard County COVID-19 Test Site Closed Due To Weather

(Tallahassee, FL) -- The weather is disrupting plans to test for the coronavirus in Brevard County. The Florida Division of Emergency Management announced yesterday it will close a drive-thru test site in Palm Bay. The state says the site at Brevard Eastern Florida State College is closing because of storms expected this weekend, but the site should be open again on Monday.

DeSantis In Jacksonville To Announce Gym Reopenings

(Jacksonville, FL) -- Gym goers across the state will want to hear what the governor has to say today in Jacksonville. Governor Ron DeSantis will be in the city to announce his plans for gym reopenings. He said yesterday it's really important people have access to gyms and exercise to be in good shape.  

Teen Finds Prosthetic Leg Buried In Ocean, Returns To Owner

(Panama City, FL) -- When one thinks of buried treasure, a prosthetic leg isn't on the list. But that's just what a 13-year-old boy here in Florida found while treasure hunting with his dad. He didn't keep it. Instead, he took on a new mission to find the owner.And it worked. He returned the titanium piece to a veteran this week. Carter Hess had lost his leg in Afghanistan and then lost the special one he had made last month while surfing. He plans to keep in touch with the teen and take him scuba diving one day.

British Couple Found With Human Torso In A Suitcase

(England) -- A British couple is under arrest after they were found hauling around body parts. Police say they stopped a woman in her 20s and a man in his 30s when they were walking along a road in the Forest of Dean. An officer was suspicious of them and found they were carrying a suitcase with a human torso inside. Media reports say the officers then also found other body parts nearby. Police have closed down the road for a few days, but are offering few other details. 


1973, Nolan Ryan of the California Angels hurled the first of his seven career no hitters.

1972, Democratic presidential candidate George Wallace was shot and left paralyzed while campaigning in Maryland.

1926, the New York Rangers became the newest franchise in the National Hockey League.

1862, the United States Department of Agriculture was created.

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