Murder Hornets- what’s coming in FL Phase-2?

It’s the mid-point of our week together and the day we let you talk anything that’s on your mind.It can be Murder Hornets, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, eating out, staying home, sports, politics or whatever has you thinking.It’s what a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY is all about.

On my mind is a barber in Michigan who had a big court win, another MI business owner who wasn’t so lucky and a cop who was suspended for speaking out about things we have talked frequently.

I’m also interested in what Phase-2 is going to look like in Florida’s reopen and what we are thinking about it.There’s also a new poll that tells us what we think of journalists.It’s not much, but they are ahead of some folks.

It all comes down to this: What’s on Your Mind?

MEME of the Day:

Want to bet that Murder Hornets are attracted to hand sanitizer?


He just wanted to live his life

In a Handbasket:

·Cop suspended for standing for rights

New Today:

Judge sides with barber over MI governor

What is Florida’s Phase-2?

What we think of journalism…it ain’t good

The Usual Suspects:

Flynn charges dropped

Investigation expanding after Flynn development

Launches this weekend

To the moon!

Gillum PAC dropping big bucks on legal fees since hotel binge

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