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Mother's Day Crowds Lacking At Volusia Restaurants

(DeLand, FL) -- This Mother's Day won't go down as a very profitable one for restaurants in Volusia County. Crowds yesterday were smaller than previous years as many residents still seem reluctant to go out because of the coronavirus. Even with indoor seating limited to 25 percent capacity, some restaurants had trouble filling up. The GM at an Ormond Beach restaurant told the News-Journal it was a bit saddening to see the crowd wasn't anywhere near what he expected. 

Orange County Curfew Ends Today

(Orlando, FL) -- Orange County is taking a step today toward returning to normal. The county's curfew has expired as of 5:01 this morning Sheriff John Mina says only a few violations were reported during the seven weeks the curfew was in place. Meanwhile, the Mall at Millenia reopens today from 11:00 to 7:00 with limited capacity.  

Ocala Mayor Won't Enforce Shutdown Rules

(Ocala, FL) -- Ocala Mayor Kent Guinn says he isn't going to enforce Governor Ron DeSantis' coronavirus shut down rules. In a media event Friday, Mayor Guinn said by the time the Governor's phase two and three for businesses to reopen roll around there won't be any businesses left to reopen anyway. The Mayor says the order not to gather is a violation of a citizen's constitutional right to assembly. Mayor Guinn also said a person's protection is that person's responsibility and whoever feels uneasy about being in a public place such as a restaurant, should not go there.

Alachua County Faces Legal Challenge Over Mask Rule

(Gainesville, FL) -- Alachua [[ ah-LATCH-chew-ah ]] County faces a legal challenge over its mandatory public facemask rule. WNBW reported Friday that the Childers Law Firm has filed a complaint against the county's policy claiming it to be an unconstitutional violation of a person's right to privacy. Attorney Jeff Childers says the obligation to wear a mask in public goes to far "especially where healthy citizens are concerned."

Protesters Want South Beach Reopened

(Miami, FL) -- There's a push to get more areas open in Miami-Dade County. Protesters yesterday called for South Beach to reopen, including stores and restaurants, and one woman was arrested for refusing to leave the beach. One protester tells CBS 4 News beaches should be open because they are some of the healthiest areas. Meanwhile, Miami Beach plans to reopen South Pointe Park today.

Frequent Hand Washing Leads To Skin Issues

(Jacksonville, FL) -- The steps we're taking to avoid the coronavirus is causing some unintended side effects for our skin. Local doctors say frequent hand washing and hand sanitizer use is causing eczema, discoloration and cracked skin. A Mayo Clinic dermatologist says we're stripping the skin of its natural oils, and she suggests using a gentler soap. She also tells Action News Jax after washing our hands or using sanitizer we should use hand moisturizer to replace those oils we're losing. 

Hundreds Flock To Florida Aquarium

(Tampa, FL) -- One of Tampa Bay's most popular attractions is back open. Florida Aquarium opened yesterday for members, and over a thousand people showed up. The aquarium had been closed for almost two months because of the coronavirus, and the CEO tells the Tampa Bay Times reopening is good for the mental and emotional health of the community. Members will be allowed back in today, and first responders will be admitted tomorrow through Thursday before the general public returns on Friday. 

Pop-Tart Ice Cream Bars Arrive In Stores

(Youngstown, OH) -- Keep an eye out for Pop-Tarts in the frozen aisle. Fans have been waiting for the ice cream bars since word came out in January, and now they're here. They're from Good Humor and similar to the popular pink strawberry shortcake bars. But these have brown sugar cinnamon crumbles instead.

Report: Murder Hornet Fears Could Mean Millions Of Innocent Bee Deaths

(Undated) -- Millions of "innocent" bees and wasps could die as a result of rising fears over the Asian "murder hornets." According to a report in The Los Angeles Times, national panic across the country is causing people to put out traps for the hornets, but these traps, made of orange juice and cooking wine, might attract and kill all types of regular insects. Entomologist Dr. Doug Yanega tells the paper that murder hornet fears are possibly overblown, as people in the northern part of Washington state are the only people who should be concerned. Dr. Yanega says even though hornets kill some people every year in Japan and harm a number of crops, the threat is generally low, especially in the U.S.


1997, the IBM computer, "Deep Blue," won a six-game chess match against champion Garry Kasparov.

1987, The trial of former Nazi Gestapo chief Klaus Barbie began in Lyons, France. Dubbed "The Butcher Of Lyons," Barbie was accused of sending thousands of French Jews and resistance members to their deaths in concentration camps. He was found guilty two months later and sentenced to life in prison. 

1949, the first Polaroid camera went on sale in New York City at a cost of about 90-dollars.

1928, WGY Television in Schenectady, New York, began the first schedule of regular television programs.

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