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Discussions Underway On How To Market Orlando To Tourists

(Orlando, FL) -- Theme parks are closed, but that's not stopping efforts to attract tourists to Orange County. A member of the county's Economic Recovery Task Force said yesterday the group is working on a marketing strategy that could be launched in a matter of weeks. The initial focus will be on local residents, but by the summer, they hope to expand to cities as far away as Charlotte and Nashville. Marketing efforts will be focused on young couples who don't have children.  

Brevard County Man Opens New Business Amidst Pandemic

(Melbourne, FL) -- A Brevard County business owner credits his wife for helping him through these uncertain times. Alex Senorans has been working for a year to open his new bagel shop in Melbourne on Hibiscus Boulevard, and tomorrow will be his first day. Even in normal times, it can be tough to start a new business, and Senorans says he's terrified the pandemic will turn his dream into a nightmare. However, he says his wife has been supportive and reassuring throughout, and he tells Florida Today he loves the way she thinks. 

Layoffs Possible In Jacksonville City Government

(Jacksonville, FL) -- The city of Jacksonville is considering what one official calls significant cuts. The pandemic has cost the city revenue from bed and sales taxes, and Chief Administrative Officer Brian Hughes said this week some employees could see their hours cut or be laid off. Talks with public safety unions are underway, and Hughes tells Action News Jax everything will be done to ensure the safety of residents is not impacted. 

Police Shut Down Broward County Barbershop

(Miramar, FL) -- A defiant Broward County business owner is backing down in a showdown with the state. Daniel Liriano opened his Miramar barber shop Tuesday even though, as a non-essential business, it was illegal to do so. He says he was willing to pay the fine to stay open, but once police threatened to fine his employees, he decided to close. Liriano says he's glad his voice was heard.One customer tells Local 10 News Liriano is a local hero for going against the grain to provide a necessary service. 

Attorney John Morgan Offers To Recover Money Florida Spent On Unemployment System 

(Orlando, FL) -- Well known Florida attorney John Morgan is making an offer the state might not be able to refuse. On the heels of Governor Ron DeSantis calling for a formal investigation into what's caused all the problems with the state unemployment claim system, Morgan is offering to recover the 77 million dollars the state spent on it, free of charge. Many thousands of Floridians are still waiting to be paid for claims filed several weeks ago.

Supreme Court Giggles On Conference Call After Hearing Toilet Flush

(Washington, DC) -- The Supreme Court conference calls were going smoothly Wednesday until the sound of a toilet flushing. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the high court has been holding oral arguments over the phone. As an attorney for the American Association of Political Consultants addressed whether a 1991 law could cause a general ban on automated phone calls, the sound of a toilet flushing was audible in the background. It's unclear who the offender was, but the FCC made jokes about decorum on Twitter.

New Jersey Mayor Keeping Love Alive With Driveway Weddings

(Englewood, NJ) -- In Englewood, New Jersey, they're keeping love alive with driveway weddings. Mayor Michael Wildes explains they're following all the social distancing rules, and that everyone except for the couple stands six feet apart during the ceremony. Still, New Jersey and New York have both suspended the rule requiring that people get marriage licenses in person, and even Mayor Wildes advises using the online option. Still, he says his driveway will forever be changed by the romance that was able to flourish there during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lizard Breaks Records For Constipation

(Cocoa Beach, FL) -- University of Florida researchers say a reptile has broken the record for the largest mass of feces ever discovered in an animal its size. Those researchers discovered the lizard near a pizza place in Cocoa Beach and thought she was pregnant because of her size. Further investigation revealed she was actually super constipated.The scientists say a CT scan revealed the lizard was filled with 22 grams of waste which was about 80-percent of its total size. The lizard was apparently starving to death from being so full and was humanely euthanized for further study. 


1999, a Michigan jury ordered "The Jenny Jones Show" to pay 25 million dollars to the family of a gay man who was shot to death after revealing a crush on a fellow male guest on the show.

1945, Germany signed an unconditional surrender at General Dwight Eisenhower's headquarters in Rheims, France, ending the European stage of World War Two.

1945, Branch Rickey announced the organization of a six-team United States Negro Baseball League. 

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