Brevard’s Reopening-it looked great last night!

I don’t usually hit my favorite Mexican restaurant on Cinco de Mayo; I leave it to the amateurs.After all, I don’t need an excuse to go.But, some friends wanted to go last night and I’m glad we did.We sat outside and the patio was busy.It was a great evening!Then, there was the drive home…on A1A…with obliterated obstacle posts in the crosswalks.

IN A HANDBASKET will take us back to Dallas where that salon owner has been hit hard for opening her business.The good news is that the federal government is going after states that are violating rights of people in THE RONA lock down. It’s reported that nearly half of all small business could close because of the lock down measures.Is it just possible that online education for some kids is better than it was for them in school?

In hour 3 of this National Nurses Day we’ll talk with County Commissioner Kristine Isnardi who has a duel role in this pandemic.Kristine is a nurse who recently obtained her doctorate in nursing and she’s been working the front lines.She has also had to deal with how Brevard responds to the situation.Having both of those jobs gives her unique perspective on where we are and where we’re going.

MEME of the Day:

I have the urge to sit on a park bench and drink blue Kool-Aid out of a Windex bottle with a plastic straw!


The chicken doesn’t get it, or he’s working for the state

In a Handbasket:

Dallas salon owner gets week in jail and big fine…for being open

Coronavirus-new today:

Feds take on states for overreaching stay at home

Could half of US small businesses close because of THE RONA?

Brevard continues reopening

Education: better now than pre-RONA?

More Coronavirus News in play:

Commission was anxious to open beach access (save 1)

Cities…not so much!

NASA says watch from home, Sheriff says come on down!

Brevard Tax Collector offices open (not Viera)

Brevard gym opens, closes in battle to return to work

Nobel Prize winner says lockdowns were too much

Will FL order us to get vaccines?Could they?

Maine restaurant defies order, opens restaurant

CA bar does the same

CA arrested protesters at capitol

Here come the tax asks

VA judge says gun shops can reopen

FL Healthcare providers want liability protection in coronavirus cases

An upside: American companies leaving China

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