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Publix Sales Revenues Up Amidst Pandemic

(Lakeland, FL) -- Publix is benefiting from pandemic-related shopping. The Lakeland-based grocer recently reported a 16-percent increase in first quarter sales revenue compared to last year's first quarter. Over ten percent of its eleven-billion dollars in sales came from items people stocked up on for the coronavirus. On a down note, though, profits were down by about a third because of a loss in investment revenue. 

Today Marks Giving Tuesday

(Titusville, FL) -- Giving Tuesday couldn't come at a better time for some nonprofits in Brevard County. Giving Tuesday is a day, usually in November, to encourage charitable donations around the world, but organizers wanted to add an extra day this year to help nonprofits hurt by the pandemic. 'Promises in Brevard' works with adults with special needs, and they have had to close their thrift shop and cafe. An official with the organization tells Florida Today they also had to cancel some fundraisers, and they hope today will be a great opportunity to make up some of that lost revenue. 

Miami Beach Closes South Pointe Park

(Miami Beach, FL) -- Miami Beach is taking action after some apparently refused to follow social distancing guidelines. City officials yesterday closed South Pointe Park because visitors weren't following rules meant to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In addition, City Manager Jimmy Morales says people at the park were hostile to city employees who were trying to enforce the rules. There's no word on when the park will reopen. The move comes after park rangers gave more than seven-thousand face cover and social distancing warnings between Friday and Sunday.

South Carolina Woman Arrested For Licking Spree

(Sumter, SC) -- A South Carolina woman is under arrest after allegedly licking things in at least two local stores. Sumter Police say 38-year-old Shenir Holliday was at an IGA supermarket when camera footage caught her licking her hands and touching various items and freezer door handles. She was arrested in the parking lot shortly after. Later, the owner of Sub Station Two told police Holliday was also seen on camera putting saliva on the sandwich shop's debit machine, coins in a tip jar and on money paid to a clerk. She has been charged with aggravated breach of peace and food tampering. Holliday has also been ordered to be tested for COVID-19. If convicted on both counts, she could face a maximum of 30 years in prison. 

Florida Police: Man Stabbed Roommate Trying To Free Satan

(Sanford, FL) -- Police in Florida say a man stabbed his roommate in the chest because he was trying to release Satan. Sanford Police officers responded to a local apartment complex to find 25-year-old Joseph Dolash cutting himself across from a victim with a stab wound. While cops restrained Dolash, he allegedly began to shout about how Satan was in him and the devil was a worm that would come out of his wounds. The victim, found to have been living with Dolash, was taken to a hospital where he told officers that the man told him he had to stab him to get the devil worm out of him. Investigators found lots of blood splattering their apartment shortly after finding the roommate with the large knife sticking out of his chest. Dolash is facing charges of attempted murder and sexual assault and battery. 

Barbie Reveals Four New Star Wars-Themed Dolls

(El Segundo, CA) -- Barbie is going out of this world with four new dolls. They're the latest addition to the Star Wars collection so what better day to make their debut. The Chewbecca one is wearing head-to-toe in faux fur with a matching handbag. And Stormtrooper Barbie is in a white armor dress with oversize sunglasses. The other two feature looks from Rey and C-3PO. The dolls can be preordered starting at 100-bucks.


1999, the Swiss-British team of Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones set an official record by becoming the first team to circle the Earth non-stop in a hot-air balloon. The international aeronautics body FAI said the duo neither refueled nor stopped during their journey, adding that Jones and Piccard had traveled farther, faster, and longer by balloon than anyone. 

1994, American teenager Michael Fay was caned in Singapore for vandalism. Fay's controversial sentence was reduced from six lashes to four after U.S pleas. 

1961, astronaut Alan B. Shepard became America's first space traveler as he made a 15-minute suborbital flight aboard the Freedom Seven capsule.

1925, John T. Scopes, a teacher in Dayton, Tennessee, was arrested in Tennessee for teaching Darwin's theory of evolution in violation of state statute. His trial became the play and movie "Inherit The Wind"

1862, outnumbered Mexican forces defeated French troops sent by Napoleon the Third in the Battle at Puebla: Cinco de Mayo.

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