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DeSantis Discusses Need For Elective Surgeries To Resume

(Daytona Beach, FL) -- Starting today, hospitals around the state can start running like they should. That's what Governor Ron DeSantis said yesterday in Volusia County at Daytona Beach's Halifax Health Medical Center. Elective surgeries, which DeSantos suspended in March, can resume today. Dozens of surgeries are already scheduled, and hospital officials say precautions have been taken to ensure patient safety. 

DeSantis Visits Orlando To Discuss Opening Salons

(Orlando, FL) -- Some business owners are hoping to change the governor's mind after his visit to Orlando. Governor Ron DeSantis was in Orlando Saturday to meet with salon owners, who urged him to allow them to reopen. Many businesses are allowed to reopen today, but salons and barbershops are not. They explained what steps they'll take to ensure safety, and DeSantis said he'll consider their plan.

DeSantis To Address Unemployment System

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Help may be coming to those struggling to file for unemployment benefits. Governor Ron DeSantis will hold a press conference today to discuss the state's unemployment system. Less than half of those who have filed claims have received payments. DeSantis said yesterday the system is, in his words, totally broke. 

Restaurants Ready To Reopen For Indoor Dining

(Jacksonville, FL) -- Customers will likely notice some differences when their favorite restaurants open their doors today. As part of Phase One of the state's reopening plan, restaurants can resume indoor dining with limited capacity. 

Royal Caribbean Allows Crew Members To Go Home

(Miami, FL) -- Help is on the way to thousands of crew ship staffers waiting to go home. Miami's Royal Caribbean Cruises has agreed to let crew members stuck on ships for over a month to disembark and go to their home countries. The decision to release the crew members came after Royal Caribbean agreed with the CDC's demands that the cruise line will be liable if the staffers defy CDC guidelines on traveling home. In a letter to staff yesterday obtained by the Miami Herald, Royal Caribbean's CEO says he agreed to the demands because getting them home was so important. 

Secretariat Wins Virtual Kentucky Derby

(Churchill Downs, KY) -- The legend of Secretariat continues to grow. The 1973 Triple Crown winner waited until the final lengths to surge past the rest of the competition to win the 2020 virtual Kentucky Derby, which featured every Triple Crown winner. Secretariat was able to hold off Citation and Seattle Slew. The Kentucky Derby was a computer-simulated race this year amid the ongoing coronavirus.


2000, the "ILOVEYOU" e-mail virus infected computer networks and hard drives across the globe.

1998, Unabomber Ted Kaczynski was sentenced to four life sentences plus 30 years.

1989, Marine Lieutenant Colonel Oliver L. North was convicted by a federal jury on charges of obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence in the Iran-Contra affair. 

1970, four Kent State University students were shot and killed by National Guardsmen during an anti-Vietnam War demonstration. Nine others were wounded. Memorial services are held annually on the Kent, Ohio, campus.

1932, Al Capone, was jailed in a federal penitentiary in Atlanta for tax evasion.

1865, President Abraham Lincoln was laid to rest outside Springfield, Illinois.

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