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Federal Judge Orders Release Of ICE Detainees

(Miami, FL) -- Hundreds of people detained in South Florida by ICE must be released because of concerns about COVID-19. A federal judge last night ordered those held at three facilities to be released, and she accused ICE of acting with deliberate indifference toward the detainees. She says ICE has failed to supply the detainees with masks and cleaning supplies, which, she says, amounts to cruel and unusual punishment. The Miami Herald reports the release only applies to those considered non-criminals or those with medical problems. 

Orange County Allows Restaurants To Open

(Orlando, FL) -- Orange County's mayor is on board with the governor's plan for reopening. Mayor Jerry Demings said yesterday Governor Ron DeSantis' plan to allow some businesses, including restaurants, to reopen Monday is sensible. The governor's order requires that reopened businesses limit crowds to 25 percent capacity. Demings says the governor's order is a happy balance between the needs for safety and jobs, but Demings also says he may impose more restrictions than the governor did. 

Tampa Doctor Offers Advice For Mask Wearing

(Tampa, FL) -- Many of us are wearing masks when out in public these days, but a Tampa doctor says we may be doing it wrong. AdventHealth Dr. Doug Ross says we need to make sure the mask is clean and fits tightly over both our nose and mouth. Also, he says we need to make sure we don't touch the front of our mask with our hands. He also tells ABC Action News disposable masks should not be used more than once.

High Winds Leave Workers Dangling From Scaffolding

(Sunny Isles Beach, FL) -- Strong winds are to blame for leaving some window washers in a dangerous position in Miami-Dade County. Two men were working on the exterior of a high-rise apartment building in Sunny Isles Beach yesterday when the wind knocked loose the scaffolding they were on. Witnesses tell 7News the men were hanging on to the scaffolding and screaming for help, but they were able to lower themselves to the first-floor balcony safely. Fire Rescue arrived on the scene, and they say no one was hurt. 

Ice Cream Shop Giving Out Free Yo-yos For World Record Attempt

(Tallahassee, FL) -- One city in Florida is aiming to yo-yo its way into the record books. But first, everyone needs a yo-yo. And that's where an ice cream shop and toy store comes in. It's giving away more than two-thousand free yo-yos with online orders. The owner actually ran the World Yo-yo contest for 13 years. He hopes to break a record for the most people yo-yoing at the same time after the pandemic.

Michigan Handing Out Condoms During Lockdown

(Lansing, MI) -- The state of Michigan is giving out free condoms during the coronavirus pandemic. The state's Health Department has launched the condoms-by-mail program to replace county giveaways, which happened before lockdown closures started. Health officials say it is important that they help communities protect themselves from STIs, HIV and unintended pregnancies, especially amid a public health crisis. People in Michigan can request the discreet, unmarked packages of 10 condoms by emailing freecondoms@Michigan.gov.


2016, the iconic elephants of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus performed for the final time.

2016, a U.S. cruise ship sailed to Cuba for the first time in 50 years. Carnival's 710-passenger cruise ship left the Port of Miami for a week-long excursion.

1971, Amtrak began service.

1941, General Mills introduced Cheerios cereal. 

1939, "Batman" made his debut as a comic strip hero.

1931, New York's Empire State Building was dedicated.

1884, construction began in Chicago, Illinois, on America's first skyscraper. The ten-story building would soon house the Home Insurance Company.

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