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Governor DeSantis: Announcement On Reopening State Due Wednesday

(Washington, DC) -- After meeting with President Trump in Washington yesterday, Governor Ron DeSantis says an announcement is coming today. He will give long awaited details about opening the state's businesses.

Pandemic Changing Plans For Upcoming NASA Launch

(Titusville, FL) -- The pandemic will turn a momentous occasion into what a Brevard County official calls a headache. NASA is set to launch two astronauts to the International Space Station next month, and it will be the first manned launch from US soil in almost a decade. Brevard County officials are discussing how to handle what could be a large crowd, even though NASA is encouraging people to stay home. The county communications director tells Florida Today they'll have to figure out how to enforce social distancing guidelines to avoid a second wave of the virus. 

Task Force Releases Proposed Guidelines On Reopening

(Orlando, FL) -- Masks and hand sanitizers may be among the new requirements for businesses in Orange County. Mayor Jerry Demings yesterday revealed some proposals he's considering including in his reopening guidelines, which should be released next week. Those proposals include forcing restaurants to have hand sanitizer at every table while servers wear masks. Hand sanitizer could also be required at gas pumps, and office workers may have to wear masks, too.  

Volusia County Discusses Beach Access

(DeLand, FL) -- Volusia County wants to clear up confusion about beach access. While beaches are open for recreation and exercise, some have ignored orders not to sunbathe. County Manager George Recktenwald told council members yesterday electronic message boards will be installed so visitors know what's allowed and what isn't. 

Whataburger Pays $180K To Settle Florida Race Discrimination Lawsuit

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Whataburger is paying 180-thousand-dollars to settle a racial discrimination lawsuit in Florida. The EEOC sued on behalf of a former hiring manager who claims the general manager of a Whataburger in Tallahassee told her to hire only white people, and no blacks. The company denies the claim, pointing out that more than 90-percent of the new hires at the location where the plaintiff worked were black. The plaintiff says she was harassed and threatened until she resigned, but Whataburger denies any retaliation. The company says it settled the lawsuit as a "business decision."

Those Declared Ineligible For Benefits Can Appeal

(Tallahassee, FL) --  The State of Florida says 47-percent of those who have applied for unemployment compensation have now received benefits. Within that group that has not been paid are about a half-a-million residents declared ineligible for different reasons. Anyone who has been denied can file an appeal.

Coors Light Giving Away Beer Amid Coronavirus

(Golden, CO) -- A beer maker wants to provide cold suds across the nation amid the coronavirus pandemic. Coors Light announced on Twitter a new campaign called America hashtag Could Use A Beer. Just go to the beverage's official Twitter account to tell them who you think deserves a beer, and they will provide a six-pack. Coors Light says the offer will run until a million dollars worth of beer has been claimed.

Man Lived In Cave in India For Last Month

(Madison, CT) -- A Connecticut man is preparing to head home after spending over a month hiding from coronavirus in a cave in India. Michael Falcone had been staying in Nepal with other tourists when the pandemic struck. The group retreated to a cave in India as that country was being locked down because of the outbreak. Falcone tested negative for coronavirus after leaving the cave, and will return to Madison after spending some time in quarantine.


2003, Apple launched its iTunes Music Store.

1992, rioting began in Los Angeles following the acquittal of four white police officers charged in the videotaped beating of motorist Rodney King. At least 53 people died during the three-day unrest. More than one-billion-dollars in damages resulted in the rioting.

1990, wrecking crews began tearing down part of the Berlin Wall surrounding the Brandenburg Gate.

1961, ABC's "Wide World of Sports" aired for the first time on a Saturday afternoon. The show was hosted by Jim McKay and featured Howard Cosell, Frank Gifford, Al Michaels, Jack Whitaker, Heywood Hale Brun and many more.

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