America Reopens; Beachside Slows Down

We have another look at law enforcement as we open our Tuesday.One’s funny and reminds bad guys that cops are here to serve!Our IN A HANDBASKET story is another head scratcher that’s coronavirus response related.I just don’t get how cops believe their actions are justified.

America is clamoring to reopen. We’ve been held up in our homes for a number of weeks, six or eight of them, and we are antsy.States are beginning to roll out their reopen plans and they are either under way or restarting this week.We’re still not sure about Florida.Governor DeSantis has not made the formal announcement, but says our return to business will be methodical and data driven.”

While some governors get protests, that’s not the case for South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. She got a parade of appreciative citizens!VA governor Ralph Northam got an adverse decision from a court in his state and gun stores can reopen in the Commonwealth.

Here in Brevard your beachside masters have done it. A1A will be 35 miles per hour as those communities from the Pineda causeway to 192 pretend they are tourist and business friendly as they restrict the movement of traffic in favor of those who would believe flashing lights actually stop traffic.This agenda was going to happen regardless of public sentiment and the little power brokers can pat themselves on the back as bicycles and walkers rule the beachside highway (they don’t want you in their towns, anyway.)

MEME of the Day:

A reminder for anyone thinking America won’t reopen:

Jurassic Park reopened 5 times AFTER people had been eaten!

Restaurants, we have a web page for you called Space Coast to can list your hours and available services for our audience to find as they seek dining options.


Bad guys should be careful of requests

In a Handbasket:

·Déjà vu- MD cops and the crowded restaurant

Coronavirus-new today:

Texas opening Friday

DeSantis: Florida’s reopen to be “methodical, data driven”

Some governors get protests, SD’s Kristi Noem gets a parade!

VA judge says gun shops can reopen

More Coronavirus News in play:

MI votes to limit governor’s power

Shutting down Chinese propaganda

Cuomo: nursing homes must accept coronavirus patients

FL Healthcare providers want liability protection in coronavirus cases

NASA asks folks watch 1st crew launch from home

ATF OKs drive up gun purchases

An upside: American companies leaving China

THE RONA brings the scams

The Usual Suspects:

A1A speed limit dropping to 35

NY cancels Primary- Bernie in a twist

Dems silent on Biden accusations

Well, not ALL Dems

Supreme Court kicks back gun law question

Bill Posey draws primary opponent

Jet building business coming to Melbourne

Astronauts to launch from KSC in May

Delay in State v Local gun regs suit

Gillum PAC dropping big bucks on legal fees since hotel binge

VA Gov gets one right, more wrong

Also signs 5 gun control bills

FBI knew Steele dossier was disinformation

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