Melbourne Takes Reopen Lead

When government acts in kneejerk fashion the results are seldom good.See the Stoneman Douglas School Safety Act and, more recently, the government stimulus plan to aid the economy in the wake of THE RONA shutdown.If you pay people more to not work than working will pay them, just what would you expect to happen?

IN A HANDBASKET takes us to Texas where more officials are fighting a local one who has decided masks are the rule of the day.

Melbourne appears to be taking the lead in back to business in Brevard. The county itself seems to be thinking about it and waiting on Governor DeSantis’ committee work.

We aren’t going back to school this year and Florida Today’s Eric Rogers’ column answers your questions.

In our 8am hour Tim Walters from Florida Today will join our discussion with an array of topics from folks stepping up at this time, being furloughed at work to home schooling a little one and space.

MEME of the Day:

“I can’t go out because of the virus,” sounds weak, whiny and boring. Instead try: “I’ve sworn an oath of solitude until the pestilence is purged from the planet.”

Restaurants, we have a new web page for you called Space Coast to can list your hours and available services for our audience to find as they seek dining options.


The incentive to not work

In a Handbasket:

·Mask up, or else!

Coronavirus-new today:

Melbourne talking back to business-restaurant outdoor seating

Brevard thinks loosening up

No back to school…what’s the deal?

Tim Walters- kill the handshake

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