It was the weekend. Normally I have them off, but not since the coronavirus came to town. For one reason or another I have needed to head into the office each of the last several Saturdays. It’s not that I mind, I love what I do; it’s just that working on a weekend is, for the most part, unusual.

This Saturday was different for another reason. I had slept until 7:30am. That is very unusual for me. Given my weekday alarm goes off at 3am, I am usually up by 5 or 5:30 on Saturday and Sunday. I’d even gotten a 5:45 text from my son who was on his way to work, answered it and then rolled back over for another hour and a half. It was different; it was also nice.

Every day of a weekend or holiday, and I do mean every, begins with coffee and show prep. This day was no different. A cup of coffee, the screened in back porch, my iPhone and the daily perusal of THE BLAZE, Florida Today and other news sites was under way. Having been up to date as of Friday night, this prep time was rather short.

Then it was time for breakfast and some television. I record a good bit of TV since my bedtime is so early and there are plenty of choices. That didn’t last long either as the pressures of work to be done weighed on me. So it was off to a shower and then into the office.

The work went smoothly and we head into next week properly prepared for the new and the usual things ahead. It’s been my practice since the social distancing phenomenon to hit the grocery store on Saturday after the work run. That was next.

I hit Publix and Walmart, usually on alternate weekends. It was Walmart’s turn. The parking lot was busier than in recent weeks. We are apparently tired of not being out like we used to be. Once inside I noticed the usual canister of wipes for the buggy were absent. I guess even they have limits.

Most customers, to me, seemed to be ignoring social distancing concerns as many were bunched up along the way. People were kind and respectful, but maybe hurried. The aisles are marked in some areas with directional arrows or do not enter notices in red on the floor.

I found everything on my list and checked out. I moved on to my weekly gasoline purchase that is now made about every two weeks. I was in and out, no problem. The next stop was to check the mail and drop my bills to the postman.

Home and the laundry were waiting. That’s another Saturday routine. With it being just me, one load a week just about does it. I haven’t made it there yet as I decided to write about this abnormal, normal day. Well, that and it’s now 1pm and I’m getting hungry.

The days are the same and yet, they are different.I am a person of routine.I have a pattern to my life and I like it that way.Sure, I can adjust, but it’s usually on my terms.Recent adjustments are because our country, even the world, is consumed by the idea of the coronavirus.

Even if my day doesn’t change much, I am ready for it to be back to normal.

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