New Tone for Brevard Commission/Policy Group

As the president and state governors look at the steps to reopening the economy in the wake of the coronavirus Oklahoma is one state leading the way.Other states are in a similar mode and we could be seeing the beginning of a return to normalcy.

There are some locations that are still locked in heavy enforcement mode as we will see with cops and the people IN A HANDBASKET at 6:42.

Rita Pritchett’s first run at chairing the Brevard Policy Group has apparently brought a new tone to both the group and the county commission.We’ll call that a good sign.FLORIDA TODAY has an interesting graph of THE RONA vs other causes of death.Click the link below to watch it shift.FACEBOOK will do its part to push the WHO agenda on you if you post information that the decider of all truth (Facebook) sees you posting what it considers to be bad information on THE RONA.

In a story you’ll have to open, the Joe Biden campaign made a boo-boo.They opened up for supporters to create their own Biden memes.They got way more than they bargained for!

In a load of sad news a Florida appeals court has ruled that a would-be cop killer was standing his ground when he shot Agent Casey Smith of the BCSO. The guy was running hooker service from his home and his niece was the whore.He had to know, running that business from his home, that an arrest or a raid at some point was possible.His claim of being under attack from unknown assailants was not plausible- except to the court!

Apparently King Thomas of Volusia has a bit of temper and it comes out in tantrums.The State Senator representing North Brevard threw one on as he stomped his feet and held his breath (resigned) until he got his way with the Senate President.

We have far more in play for a Friday than we can get to and it’s all posted below.We do all we can as we wrap up this week’s conversation together on today’s show.

MEME of the Day:

Whoever is supposed to go to Nineveh, just GO ALREADY!

If you own or manage a restaurant, you and your employees could be facing tough times.We have a new web page for you called Space Coast to can list your hours and available services for our audience to find as they seek dining options.


OK leading the way

MI sheriffs buck governor

In a Handbasket:

·NC protester arrested for non-essential activity

·Panicked cops- fear mongering enforcement

·An important reminder for us all

Coronavirus-new today:

Commission/Policy Group- a positive change

Interesting graph: THE RONA vs other causes of death

Facebook will teach you about THE RONA

MLB-baseball fights THE RONA

Melbourne cancels Rec activities through 05.15

More Coronavirus News in play:

Brevard steps to help small business

Local mosque distributing food on Friday

Should the president adjourn congress?

Returning to “normal”- whatever that is

ATF OKs drive up gun purchases

President says reopening USA is biggest call he’ll make

An upside: American companies leaving China

Elections during THE RONA

Campus polling places to return

THE RONA brings the scams

The Usual Suspects:

Campaign gaffes like Biden...gets what it asks for (YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS)

Appeals court rules would-be cop killer was standing ground

King Thomas of Volusia throws a tantrum

Gillum PAC dropping big bucks on legal fees since hotel binge

Launch next Thursday

VA Gov gets one right, more wrong

Also signs 5 gun control bills

FBI knew Steele dossier was disinformation

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