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Orlando Health CEO Believes Peak Has Passed

(Orlando, FL) -- The head of a local hospital sees reason for optimism when it comes to the coronavirus. Orlando Health President and CEO David Strong said this week we may have already seen the peak number of cases in Central Florida. He believes that peak was reached eight days ago when Orlando Health had 58 patients in the hospital. He tells the Orlando Sentinel that since then the number of cases has been trending down thanks to social distancing. 

Brevard Officials Move Forward With Proposed Tax Hike

(Titusville, FL) -- In the midst of an economic downturn, a tax hike proposal is moving forward in Brevard County. The school board this week voted to ask officials to review the language of a proposed half-cent sales tax, which was first passed six years ago to fund school improvement projects. The tax is up for renewal on November's ballot, but at least one board member thinks the timing might not be right for a tax hike. Yesterday, School Board Chair Misty Belford told Florida Today asking residents to support an additional tax at this time will weigh heavily on the board when the time comes this summer to file the ballot initiative.

Hillsborough County To Consider Making Masks Mandatory

(Tampa, FL) -- Hillsborough County, today, will consider further steps to flatten the curve. The county commission is expected to discuss requiring masks to be worn in public  Exceptions are possible for those out exercising or walking their dogs. The county has reported almost 900 coronavirus cases, including 18 deaths.  

Broward Deputy Sues To Get His Job Back

(Fort Lauderdale, FL) -- A dispute between Broward County's sheriff and one of his deputies may be headed to court. Deputy and union president Jeff Bell filed a civil rights lawsuit yesterday after he was suspended last week by Sheriff Gregory Tony. Bell was suspended after he complained that Tony wasn't providing deputies with enough safety equipment to deal with the pandemic. According to the Miami Herald, Bell claims in the suit that the punishment violated his free speech rights, and he wants his suspension lifted.

Restaurant Owner Asks Public To Find Tip Thief

(Miami Beach, FL) -- A Miami-Dade County restaurant owner is asking the public to help catch a thief. Adrian Gonzalez owns David's Cafecito Cafe in Miami Beach, and he posted a video on Facebook of a man apparently stealing 80 dollars from the tip jar this week. No arrest has been announced, but the public is doing its part to support the employees. Gonzalez said yesterday the waitress who was victimized has gotten an overwhelming amount of donations, and the single mother needs every penny to feed her family during these challenging times.

Online Celebrity Poker Game Raises $1.75M For Coronavirus Relief

(Undated) -- A star-studded poker game is helping to feed families during the coronavirus crisis. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck organized the online tournament on Saturday. Celebrities played from their home including Adam Sandler, Tom Brady, Jason Bateman and Tobey Maguire. They each had to donate 10-thousand dollars to secure a spot. The event raised one-point-75 million for Feeding America.

Florida Man Allegedly Beat Cellmate Over 'Courtesy Flush'

(Monroe County, FL) -- A Florida man is accused of severely beating his cellmate after they asked for a "courtesy flush" of the cell toilet. The Monroe County Sheriff's Office says 53-year-old Gilford Abshire was sharing a cell with a 65-year-old when he passed gas and used the toilet. The man is said to have asked Abshire to flush the toilet to help with the overwhelming odor. Deputies say Abshire then began to kick the victim before grabbing him by the throat and tossing him across the room. The victim suffered three broken bones and a broken nose. The jailed man is now facing a slew of battery charges.  

Some Using Stimulus Checks For Expensive, Wild Purchases

(Undated) -- Americans receiving their stimulus checks are resorting to a whole slew of impulse buys. The New York Post reports that many across the Internet are confessing to making out-of-the-box purchases with their coronavirus relief money. Some Twitter users say they've use the funds to get inflatable dinosaur costumes, high-end sex toys, in-house stripper poles, Yeezys and thousand-dollar e-scooters. Others have been more practical, spending their money on every upcoming bill including car payments and credit card debt. Experts say it could take until August for those without direct deposit to receive a check. 


2016, then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump unveiled his new nickname for his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton. He called her "Crooked Hillary."

2007, in what was described as the worst shooting on a college campus in U.S. history, a gunman opened fire on students and instructors at two locations on the Virginia Tech University campus in Blacksburg, Virginia, killing 32 people before turning the gun on himself. The gunman was later identified as 23-year-old Cho Seung-Hui. 

1962, Walter Cronkite succeeded Douglas Edwards as anchorman of "The CBS Evening News." Cronkite would go on to become known as "the most trusted man in America" during his 18-plus years as anchor.

1900, the first book of postage stamps was issued. The two-cent stamps were available in books of 12, 24, and 48 stamps.

1862, President Abraham Lincoln signed a bill into law ending slavery in the District of Columbia.

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