WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: WHO got their funds cut?

Welcome to this week’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY on BML. We’ll have our usual slate of stories in play for the morning, but as is our custom, your topics drive the show as you call us at 321-768-1240.

For my part we’ll begin the day with a wake-up call to lawyers from a Florida judge.IN A HANDBASKET takes a look at lengths some brainy people are willing to take to find an answer to THE RONA and, in a related story, the LA County Sheriff’s worry now that he’s released 25% of their inmates back into society.

New with THE RONA today are the governor giving the OK to WWE and potentially other sports events, Brevard helping small business, a local food distribution program, potential deep budget cuts in the state, looking at reopening Florida and the president cutting funding of the World Health Organization.

Whether it’s one of mine or something you have in mind the discussion is yours to drive on this day.What’s on your mind?

MEME of the Day:

Think you’re bored?Isaac Newton invented calculus during the plague.How bored do you have to be to invent calculus?

If you own or manage a restaurant, you and your employees could be facing tough times.We have a new web page for you called Space Coast to Go.com.You can list your hours and available services for our audience to find as they seek dining options.


FL judge to lawyers: get out of bed and dress for hearings!

In a Handbasket:

·Free the murderer to help with THE RONA

·LA sheriff releases 25% of inmates

Coronavirus-new today:

DeSantis and sports during THE RONA

Brevard steps to help small business

Local mosque distributing food on Friday

Florida facing potential of deep budget cuts

Governor’s task force to explore reopening FL

US to cut WHO funding over coronavirus actions

Why defunding the WHO was right

DNC, others meltdown over WHO funding cut

More Coronavirus News in play:

Returning to “normal”- whatever that is

ATF OKs drive up gun purchases

President says reopening USA is biggest call he’ll make

Add meat to the toilet paper

DeSantis smart in realizing one size policy does not fit all

An upside: American companies leaving China

WHO let the bats out?Health organization ignored Taiwan’s warnings on China

Elections during THE RONA

Campus polling places to return

THE RONA brings the scams

The Usual Suspects:

VA Gov gets one right, more wrong

Also signs 5 gun control bills

FBI knew Steele dossier was disinformation

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