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Osceola County Reduces Penalty For Not Wearing Mask

(Kissimmee, FL) -- A new mask policy is already undergoing changes in Osceola County. A law requiring people to wear masks in public went into effect yesterday to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Violators faced possible fines and jail time, but county officials decided yesterday to remove those penalties. Officials worried the penalties would turn the county into a police state and possibly expose inmates to the coronavirus. 

Orange County Sees Curve Flattening

(Orlando, FL) -- Social distancing appears to be working in Orange County. Mayor Jerry Demings said yesterday there are signs that the curve is flattening, and he urged residents to double down on following social distancing guidelines. He also said while he urges people to wear masks in public to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, doing so won't be mandatory. Demings announced he plans to start discussions this week on how businesses can reopen.

HillsCo Passes Curfew

(Tampa, FL) -- Hillsborough County is taking further steps to flatten the curve. The Emergency Policy Group yesterday voted to enact a curfew that went into effect last night. The curfew will be in effect every night indefinitely from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. The goal is to enforce social distancing guidelines, which some county officials say residents aren't following.  

DeSantis Announces Strike Teams To Test At Senior Facilities

(Tallahassee, FL) -- A new effort is underway to test those most vulnerable to the coronavirus. Governor Ron DeSantis announced yesterday the Florida National Guard will form strike teams. These teams will go into nursing facilities to test residents for COVID-19. DeSantis says this could prevent an outbreak at nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

Scientology Critic May Get Seat On Board Dominated By Church Members

(Clearwater, FL) -- Some Scientology members could find themselves working side-by-side with one of their biggest critics in Pinellas County. Clearwater City Council member Mark Bunker, who got elected promising to scrutinize the church's activities, wants to sit on the Downtown Development Board. The majority of the board's members are Scientologists, and a court ruling from 2001 says Bunker must stay ten feet away from Scientologists. That could cause logistical problems when it comes to meetings, and Mayor Frank Hibbard tells the Tampa Bay Times he wants some time to consider Bunker's request.

Nature Seems To Benefit From Shutdown

(Miami, FL) -- A look at local waterways shows how nature is responding to the shutdown. With beaches off limits and boating not allowed, those who live along the beach report water clearer than they've ever seen before. Animals rarely seen, like the endangered small tooth sawfish, are now being spotted in greater frequency. Seth Bloomgarden, chairman of the Miami Surfrider Association, tells Local 10 News the universe has given us an opportunity to hit the pause button and see all the harm we've been doing to the environment. 

Social Distancing Could Be In Place The Rest Of The Year

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Social distancing may still be the norm by the time we ring in the new year. Florida Surgeon General Scott Rivkees said yesterday social distancing could be necessary until a vaccine for the coronavirus is available. Medical experts believe that likely won't happen until sometime next year. 

WWE is Considered an Essential Business in Florida

(Orlando, FL) -- Amid the coronavirus crisis, the bell is still ringing for professional wrestling in Florida. World Wrestling Entertainment has now been deemed an essential business. This means WWE can keep operating in Orlando despite other businesses being forced to close. WWE has been taping without an audience and will continue live shows on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Coors Light Sends Beer To 93-Year-Old Woman

(Seminole, PA) -- A 93-year-old woman in Pennsylvania is thanking Coors Light for answering her plea. A photo of Olive Veronesi holding up a sign saying she needs more beer went viral. She was also holding a can of Coors Light. The company took notice and tweeted more beer was on its way. According to TMZ, Coors delivered ten 15-packs to the woman's home.

Indian Police Punishing Tourists With Handwritten Statements

(India) -- Police in India are using old school measures to punish tourists who disregarded lockdown restrictions. The Hindustan Times reports that some regional officers made about 10 tourists write "I didn't follow lockdown. I am sorry" at least 500 times after they ignored orders to stay quarantined. The group, which included people from Israel, Australia and Mexico, were caught hanging out near the Ganga River. The lead cop threatened to get the visitors banned from the country if they did not write out the sentences. Some called the incident "light punishment" as others who have broken India's lockdown were reportedly seen being beaten and flogged. 


1986, fighter jets from the United States bombed Libya in response to their role in the bombing of a West Berlin disco.

1985, a record television audience watched Geraldo Rivera open Al Capone's vault at Chicago's Lexington Hotel. He found only broken bottles.

1894, Thomas Edison's Kinetoscope "peep show" device went on public display in a New York City arcade. The device was a forerunner of the motion picture. It displayed about 13 seconds of images of Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill.

1865, President Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth at Washington's Ford Theatre. 

1828, the first edition of Noah Webster's "American Dictionary of the English Language" was published.

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