Brevard policy Group- a Changing of the Guard

In the midst of this pandemic there are countless places to get advice on how to handle anything.Every Facebook expert has THE tip for whatever question you have.Some people are meticulous, others- not so much so.Some wear masks and gloves: others shun them.Most are washing hands more regularly than usual and for some reason we love our toilet paper.Nobody wants to contract this virus and we all do what we believe is reasonable in order to avoid exposure.

Now, what about groceries?We all need them.We all buy them.Some of us go shop for them.Others have them delivered.Once the foodstuffs are in your home, what do you do then?Are they safe to handle?We’ll open our day with a look at a daily activity that could be your real exposure to the outside world.

IN A HANDBASKET takes us back to Philadelphia and just why police enforce law and not the policy whims of either elected or appointed officials.

In new coronavirus news: people are feeling cooped up, government officials are still imposing or backing down from their regulations, Florida seems to be leveling off as far as new cases, but we are warned that it’s not over.

At the County Commission there has been a changing of the guard for the policy group. As he said he would, Chairman Bryan Lober has stepped down and handed the reins of the policy group over to Commissioner Rita Pritchett.

Most of us are ready for a return to whatever normal may be now.The timeline is sketchy at best and elected officials are in another no-win spot.The bottom line is likely that we need to allow adults to make adult decisions and recognize that being careful, at least for a while, is the rule of the day.

MEME of the Day:

Soon enough everyone will be hired again, except for Colin Kaepernick!

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Are you scared handling groceries?

In a Handbasket:

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