As discussed last week in this column, adversity reveals character. We are seeing an awful lot of good from many people. We are also seeing ignorance and arrogance from some. 

What’s disturbing is when we see arrogance and ignorance displayed by those we have elected to lead governments in times such as these. Sadly, it’s been an all too frequent topic of our daily discussion. 

The aftermath of some of this played out this week as County Commission Chair Bryan Lober has been especially aggressive in trying to advance unreasonable and unenforceable measures on individuals and businesses alike. 

Fortunately, the other four members of the board have been able to quell some of these outlandish measures and have recognized the lack of reason in the attempts. The result is pitting the commission against the policy board and even against itself. 

That tension took a positive turn on Monday as the commission met. It was a special meeting that was scheduled as an update on the coronavirus’ impact on Brevard. After a report from the county’s top state health official the meeting turned to commission reports where Commissioner Tobia, effusive with praise for Chairman Lober’s leadership thus far, brought up Lober’s previous offer to step down from the policy board. Tobia cited the fact that the policy board did not consider the commission’s direction on hotels and having guests self-certify their reasons for checking in as opposed to having hotel staff police their guests’ motivation. 

Somewhat surprisingly, Lober acquiesced and graciously handed the reins of the policy board to Commissioner Rita Pritchett. 

The board then launched into a lengthy discussion of the county’s role in the relationship between a hotel and its guests. Commissioner Pritchett asked the commission for its support and guidance as she steps into the policy board position. 

This would appear to be a positive step as the county continues to craft how it handles a situation that is new to us all. 

It is my hope, as Commissioner Pritchett’s comments have indicated, that the commission and policy board will now look at advocating best practices and using the best advice available as opposed to punitive measures that would place government in control of business policy. 

Consumers will respond to businesses that are taking precautions and shun those that will not. It’s the market working the way it was intended and that’s with as little government interference and oversight as possible. 

It is professionalism as exhibited in Monday’s meeting that Brevard’s citizens deserve. I hope that it continues as we find our way through to the end of this pandemic, whatever and whenever that may be. 

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