Some Brevard Officials Just Don’t Get a Free Society

America’s medical face of the coronavirus, Dr. Fauci, says we should never shake hands again.He’s gone from doctoring to meddling!Another doctor has gone nuts over THE RONA. A Kentucky physician attacked a group of kids who were not social distancing to his satisfaction.Apparently choking them makes it all better.

Why are educated people losing any semblance of sense when it comes to THE RONA? Doctors, judges, lawyers, county commissioners who are lawyers and others are simply not considering the ramifications of decisions and statements they make.

That lack of understanding has led to tension on the Brevard County Commission and it appears Chairman Bryan Lober may give up leading the Brevard Policy Group in an attempt to keep his seat as chair of the commission. It may not work.Monday’s meetings will tell the tale.

It’s time to give some credit for understanding to Governor Ron DeSantis. Throughout the response to the virus he’s recognized that a one=size-fits-all solution is not the answer for Florida. That’s true for going back to school…or not.

To be a week of social distancing, this one has passed quickly! Have a blessed Passover or Easter. Enjoy your weekend and we’ll pick it up Monday on BML.

MEME of the Day:

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