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Imprisoned Former Congresswoman Withdraws Early Release Request

(Jacksonville, FL) -- A former congresswoman is putting her attempt to get out of prison on hold. Lawyers for Corrine Brown yesterday withdrew her request to be released out of concern she could get the coronavirus while behind bars. Her lawyer says he'll compile more documentation to support her request for a possible future filing. The 73-year-old Brown is serving five years in a federal prison in Sumter County for fraud. 

Sarasota Hospital Working On COVID-19 Cure

(Sarasota, FL) -- A Sarasota County hospital is helping find a cure for the coronavirus. Sarasota Memorial Hospital this week joined two national clinical trials that could lead to a vaccine for COVID-19. Hospitals worldwide are part of the effort, and an SMH official tells ABC Action News it's one of the first centers in the US doing these trials.   

Florida To Hand Out 2M Masks To Healthcare Workers

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Florida is making what state officials call an unprecedented push to help those dealing with coronavirus patients. The Division of Emergency Management announced yesterday it will provide healthcare workers and first responders with more PPE equipment. The supplies include two million masks, 300-thousand face shields, 50-thousand containers of hand sanitizer and 350-thousand gloves. These will add to supplies already handed out, including N95 masks. 

Miami-Dade County Announces Mask Ordinance

(Miami, FL) -- Miami-Dade County is taking further steps to flatten the curve. County Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced yesterday that all residents must wear a mask when going out in public. The mask must cover your nose and mouth, and it must be worn when going to grocery stores, construction sites, on public transit or in vehicles for hire. The new order went into effect at 11:59 last night, but it will not apply to children under two or those with preexisting conditions who have trouble breathing with a mask.  

Universal Orlando To Remain Closed Through May

(Orlando, FL) -- Universal Orlando isn't planning a return to normal anytime soon. The theme park chain said yesterday its parks will remain closed through at least the end of May. The company also announced part-time hourly workers will be furloughed May 3rd, and most employees, including executives, will get their pay cut by 20 percent as of April 20th. Benefits will not be affected. 

NASA Astronaut, 2 Cosmonauts Arrive Safely At International Space Station

(Undated) -- Astronaut Chris Cassidy has arrived safely at the International Space Station. It's his third trip to space and NASA says this new mission is expected to last six months. He and fellow crew members, including two Russian cosmonauts who launched with him yesterday, will be taking part in over 100 science investigations. Cassidy is also joined on the ISS by NASA's Jessica Meir who is finishing up her current time in space. 

California Woman Busted For Licking Groceries

(South Lake Tahoe, CA) -- A California woman is in custody for allegedly licking about 18-hundred-dollars' worth of items at a grocery store. Fifty-three-year-old Jennifer Walker is said to have walked through a South Lake Tahoe Safeway as she grabbed and licked various groceries. Police say Walker had no intention of buying any of the items, including meat, jewelry and liquor. Store employees say everything she handled has been listed as unsellable due to cross-contamination. She now faces a charge of felony vandalism. 

Florida Police: Man Is Serial McDonald's Drive-Thru Flasher

(Orlando, FL) -- Florida Police say a man has exposed himself to workers at a McDonald's drive-thru multiple times. Orlando Police were called to a local location by workers who said 24-year-old Luis Martinez went by the drive-thru and flashed his genitals to a worker. Upon his arrest, officers linked him to another incident at the same McDonald's restaurant just a month earlier. Investigators then found that Martinez had been accused of at least three different exposure incidents since the summer of 2019. He has been charged with several counts of exposure of sexual organs.


2019, The state of New York declared a public health emergency after a measles outbreak. There had been 285 cases in Brooklyn.

1970, Paul McCartney announced he was resigning from The Beatles.

1955, Dr. Jonas Salk successfully tested the Polio vaccine.

1849, Walter Hunt of New York City patented the safety pin. He immediately sold the patent rights for 100-dollars.

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