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Brevard County Reaches 100 Coronavirus Cases

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Brevard County now has over a hundred coronavirus cases. The Florida Department of Health yesterday added seven more cases for Brevard, which brings its total to 105. The 32940 ZIP code has the most cases with 10. No new deaths were reported, and the county's death total stands at two. 

Orlando Lawmaker Calls For Special Session To Fix Unemployment System

(Orlando, FL) -- An Orlando lawmaker is calling on his colleagues to create what he calls a more modern unemployment system. State Senator Randolph Bracy sent a letter yesterday to top lawmakers calling for a special session at the earliest convenience. He wants to address problems with the state's unemployment assistance website, which has been overwhelmed by the surge in those who have lost jobs recently. In addition to fixing the website, Bracy also wants to increase how much money the unemployed can get and for how long they can receive benefits. 

DeSantis Delays Pasco County Elections

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Upcoming elections in Pasco County are on hold. Governor Ron DeSantis last night signed an executive order postponing the municipal elections in Dade City, San Antonio and Zephyrhills. The elections were set for next Tuesday, but Pasco Elections Supervisor Brian Corley called for the delay because of the pandemic. There's no word on when the elections will take place.

Orlando Video Events Company Seeing High Demand Since Coronavirus

(Orlando, FL) -- An Orlando company is seeing a surge in demand since the coronavirus. ViewStub is a video events company that, it says, saw its number of monthly users almost triple in March. Virtual meetings have replaced in-person meetings since the coronavirus hit. CEO Spencer Elliott says he expected the company to hit it big in another five years, but he recently told the Orlando Sentinel the success has happened almost overnight. 

Coronavirus Disrupts Couple's Plans For Giving Birth

(Jacksonville, FL) -- Concerns about the coronavirus are responsible for disrupting a couple's plans for giving birth. Nikki Meyers gave birth last week, but she wasn't allowed to see her newborn daughter until the next day while Nikki waited for her COVID-19 test results. She also wasn't allowed to have her husband in the delivery room because he was also waiting for his test results. Both tested negative, and Nikki recently told First Coast News even for those who don't get sick, the virus affects lives in different ways. 

USF Doctor Warns Of Relaxing Social Distancing Guidelines

(Tampa, FL) -- While there's encouraging news about the coronavirus, a USF doctor is sounding a warning. Scientists from the University of Washington released a model this week that predicts the number of deaths in Florida won't be as high as previously thought. USF Doctor Jay Wolfson says that's because social distancing is working, and we have to make sure to keep it up. He recently told 10News we can't make the mistake of going back to our normal behavior too soon.

Grocery Store Workers Getting Coronavirus

(Miami, FL) -- The coronavirus is affecting local grocery stores. Employees at Publix, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's have tested positive for COVID-19. Those infected work at stores in Miami Lakes, Mary Brickell Village, Kendall, Miami Beach, Miami Shores, Coral Gables, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and the Keys. Some stores are now allowing employees to wear masks and gloves. Publix recently told Local 10 News it's proud of how their associates are taking care of customers in these challenging times. 

Nursing Homes To Get Tablets

(Tallahassee, FL) -- An effort is underway to keep the elderly connected with their loved ones. Governor Ron DeSantis announced yesterday the launch of Project VITAL, which stands for Virtual Inclusive Technology for All. The Department of Elderly Affairs will distribute computer tablets to residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. DeSantis says this will allow the elderly to keep in touch with their families and mitigate feelings of loneliness and isolation. 

Florida Hospital Trying Experimental Treatment For Coronavirus

(Undated) -- Some Florida hospitals are celebrating what they call an extremely exciting development. AdventHealth announced recently that it's trying an experimental treatment for the coronavirus. It's called convalescent plasma, and it injects plasma from those who have recovered from COVID-19 into people who currently have it. OneBlood is working with AdventHealth to find donors, and AdventHealth says it's one of the first hospital groups in the country to begin offering this therapy. 

Pittsburgh Family Says Someone Stole Their Cleaning Products, TP

(Pittsburgh, PA) -- A Pittsburgh family says someone broke into their home and took their supply of cleaning products and toilet paper. Lindsay Duplinski tells WPXI TV that the burglary happened in broad daylight as she and her family went out for a walk this week. Duplinski says she filed a police report, with investigators saying this is a first for them. No arrests have been made.

Czech Police Warn Nudists About Coronavirus Precautions

(Czech Republic) -- Authorities in Czech Republic are reminding nudists to take precautions during the coronavirus pandemic. Reports indicate that about 75 nude sunbathers in the Eastern European nation were cited for not wearing face masks in public at a beach east of Prague. Those actions violate the country's government safety orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Leaders have stated that while nudists are allowed out in allotted locations, they must wear masks and not be in groups of more than two. No fines were issued as there was no resistance to police orders.


2017, a United Airlines flight in Chicago was overbooked and a passenger was forcibly removed. The footage of the event went viral on Twitter.

1959, America's first astronauts were introduced to the American people. The seven men were military test pilots chosen by NASA to take part in the agency's first manned space flights.

1940 Germany invaded Norway. The attack was a surprise to the neutral country and its British defenders. The invasion put several key strategic points under Nazi control.

1881 famed outlaw Billy the Kid was convicted of murder for the killing of a New Mexico sheriff. The trial lasted one day and Kid was sentenced to hang. Kid managed to escape, but was shot dead by Sheriff Pat Garrett a short time later.

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