Brevard Commission Chair Shows Fascist Leanings

We marveled at the sci-fi life that we are living as we opened yesterday’s show.It’s closer than we think…in Daytona Beach.Meanwhile, the United States is trying to dominate other worlds!See?It is a Sci-Fi life!IN A HANDBASKET we are back to media, special interest groups and the FCC.

We spent an hour together on the firing of that Navy aircraft carrier Captain and the mishandling of the situation by the Acting Secretary of the Navy.Guess who’s out of a job now?Former NCAA football coach and Central Florida resident Lou Holtz give us the halftime speech we need during the RONA isolation.And in Chicago the elected have a set of rules for themselves and those for the common folk.And it’s not just Chicago.What is it with Illinois?

Here in Brevard, Commission Chair Bryan Lober is showing his fascist side.The would-be petty dictator wanted to direct area retailers in their social distancing rules.But, hey, it’s for our own good and he’s only trying to help (himself to power).There are things we are doing to each other during this pandemic and it’s a sign of just who some people are.At least there is one governor standing for freedom and responsibility.South Dakota has a gem in office.Maybe a few other states do as well.

That’s where my mind is going on a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY, but since it’s your day to direct traffic on the show, just what is it that’s on your mind?Get it in play at 321.768.1240.

MEME of the Day:

High five to the 68 overachievers who scored a DUI in March in spite of every bar in the state being closed!

If you own or manage a restaurant, you and your employees could be facing tough times.We have a new web page for you called Space Coast to can list your hours and available services for our audience to find as they seek dining options.


Sci-Fi life closer than we thought

USA trying to conquer other worlds

In a Handbasket:

·The Media, Special Interest Groups and the FCC

Coronavirus-New today:

Acting SecNav resigns

The Lou Holtz halftime speech we need

CHICAGO: do as officials say, not as they do

Maybe it’s an Illinois thing

Lober shows his fascist side in regular commission meeting

Things we do to each other (there are idiots around us)

South Dakota governor stands strong on freedom

WHO let the bats out?Health organization ignored Taiwan’s warnings on China

President considers stopping WHO funding

Churches & government handouts

More Coronavirus News in play:

Commission, School Board meetings change

Elections during THE RONA

Campus polling places to return

Postal Service Shutdown looming?

MyPillow CEO mocked by CNN’s Acosta

Smart move Publix- free rent to tenants

Is it THE RONA, the flu or allergies?

THE RONA brings the scams

Suddenly unemployed- what to do

State increases staff for unemployment claims

The Usual Suspects:

FL Supremes won’t hear cell phone lock case

FL Losing Battle on Felon Voting

Shutting out reporters spreads from Brevard to the State- like a virus

Activist judge threatens state on felon voting

OPEN PRIMARIES to November ballot

Is Mitch McConnell saving the country?

The arrogance of the elected

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